Monday, July 31, 2017

week #83 - Baptism of Freddie and Cleusa


Definitely a busy week this week! Tuesday we had the conference in Antofagasta as a zone. It was really good. President talked a lot about verification and helping people go through with their compromises. It was really good. Learned a few things that I´m going to start to do to help people to go church and do other things like pray, read, etc.. Also got my package when I went down to Antofa. It got here all beat up and disformed lol. I´ll send a pic. I actually opened it up to see if everything inside was still good. Everythings all good inside. I also took out the travel pillow because I had to travel to Tocopilla for Wednesday.

All day Wednesday I was with the Elderes in Tocopilla. Elder Taylor and Elder Camera. They are really good missionaries. It was good to be able to work with them in Tocopilla to teach and help them out with a couple things and questions that they had. We also had to go a couple interviews for the sister missionaries there as well. It was probably one of the most interesting baptism interviews that I have ever done in my life. Yeah so it was a 83 year old grandma. She has been going to church for the longest time there in Tocopilla because its pretty close to her house. But I´ll just leave it at she didn´t want to live the word of wisdom with tea. And she also had a problem with the law of chastity even though she lives alone...... Her first lover from the year 1950 who lives far away and comes to visit her like every couple months.... I´ll just leave it at that....  I hope I´m still going strong at 83 hahaha.

Also this week in our sector we had 2 baptisms!! Cleusa and Freddy got baptized this week!! Marisol and David didn´t get baptized this week. Marisol is back with her ex bf and he is living back in the house so she couldn´t get baptized. David couldn´t get baptized either because he has to go to church more because he is only a kid still.. Kinda lame when people tell you they want to change their lives and everything but do to complete opposite. David called us Saturday night at like midnight crying because his mom was drinking. He called and I answered the phone and all I hear is "my mom is sinning, what should I do?" I felt really bad for the kid. I told him to say a prayer to God and to go and get some sleep and that we´ll pass by tomorrow morning to bring them to church. Well they haven´t answered the door still. We haven´t found her since then as well. Really sad, I felt really bad. So hopefully we´ll be able to find the family soon and help them!

But back to the good news with the baptisms this week! Freddy and Cleuse got baptized! They are really cool. Cleusa got up and bore her testimony after her baptism in front of everyone and it was really cool! She also called me their Godfather because I baptized them both. In the Catholic church they have Godfather´s when they baptize babies so she called me the Godfather lol. It was funny! But they are really awesome and I think will grow a lot in the gospel! Definitely a golden family!

Then we also had our interviews with President yesterday after church. He came to Calama and was in church with us. My interview went really well. He told me that I´ll be put in charge of the zone this next transfer and that I´ll probably be getting a new comp that has never been zone leader before and have to train him how it works! Should be pretty fun! But I guess we´ll find out exactly when the transfers happen in like 2 weeks. He also told that I will be training a new missionary si o si before I finish the mission! I´m excited because I still haven´t been able to train yet. President also told me that one day I´m going to be a bishop and that I need to learn now how to be a leader in the leadership position that I have. Whelp... But it was a really good interview! I always love to be around President and talk with him. Tomorrow we are heading down Antofa again for the leadership council! More traveling whoooo!

Hope you´ll finally get the answer for the job this week! I have been praying every day for you guys! Hope everything works out!!

Love you guys a ton and hope that you guys have a great week!

Elder Newkirk


Our group that came to the mission together. Only missing Elder Jennings!



Selfie with Elder Kirk

Heres the package.......... I think they were playing soccer or something with the box

Heres the package.......... I think they were playing soccer or something with the box

Today we went to eat huge hamburgers in a place called La Selva(The Jungle)... It was pretty great!

Today we went to eat huge hamburgers in a place called La Selva(The Jungle)... It was pretty great!

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