Tuesday, May 16, 2017

week #72 - - baptism of Francisco - busy week on conferences and travel

(first email I got)

Good talking to you guys yesterday! So there isn´t any thing to talk about today because we talked yesterday! So cya later

Elder Newkirk

(then got this a bit later) haha

Nah joke I´ll keep writing for this week that happened.

This week went really well. Francisco got baptized!! He also received the priesthood so that this next weekend he can baptize the rest of his family! The family still didn´t feel ready and stuff like that to get baptized but after Francisco´s baptism they are excited to get baptized. Sunday we passed by in the morning to take them to church and they told us now the rest of the family wants to get baptized! It was pretty cool. Just have to baptize the people that are ready to enter into the waters of baptism because if we would have just waited until the whole family was ready to get baptized then we would still probably have to work with them for a while until they all felt ready to go. We also have another family that only part of them are going to get baptized this weekend. They came to church this Sunday. The Ibacache family! There are 5 of them but only 3 of them came to church and 2 of them are going to get baptized this week as well. We actually had 8 investigators in church yesterday for being mother´s day I thought that it was pretty good. I thought that a lot of people wouldn´t be able to go to church for mother´s day but actually a lot of them came to church. There were a few that told us that they couldn´t for it being mother´s day yesterday. But it went really well this week! So this next weekend we should be having 4 baptisms! 

Also this week we had the conference with Elder Texiera. Friday everyone went down to Iquique to travel to Antofagasta a 1:30am which was a lot of fun... Then we got there at like 8am and went straight to the conference. The conference ended at like 3:30pm and then just pretty much just hung out. Then I went out with Elder Alcantara to visit my first sector with him and we visited a few people. Then we returned home at like 9pm and got in the house at like 4am. So I was a little tired during the next day lol. But the conference was really good. Elder Texiera talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and the importance that it has in the conversion of the people. He invited us to focus on the importance that investigators have to read and to pray about the book of Mormon. The book of Mormon has power and changes people. I have definitely seen it a lot in my mission when people read the book of Mormon. So that´s about it on the conference. Pretty much just threw the hammer down with us in a couple things that we need to do a little bit more lol.

But yeah this week should be pretty busy as well because it´s the last week of this transfer and also have 4 baptisms. So should be interesting. Could be as well that we might have some changes going on! But we´ll see what happens next week on The Mission of Elder Newkirk.

Next month I´ll be heading down to Antofagasta again. Every month I have to go to leadership council so at least once a month I have to go down to Antofagasta. 

So how baptism interviews work is that another Elder has to do baptism interviews in other sector. For example I can´t do baptism interviews for my investigators. We have to have our district leader(Elder Barney) do interviews for our investigators because it wouldn´t be right if we could do our own interviews. And we get to do the interviews for all the district leaders and if something happens and other sector needs interviews then we do the interviews. 

Our sector is pretty huge. I think our sector is the biggest of Alto Hospicio. Like an hour walking from one end of the sector to the other. 

But that´s about it.. I´ve actually been running a ton with Elder Pineda, like this morning we ran about 4 miles which was pretty good. Wish I had a good pair of running shoes though lol, but when I get home. 

Well love you guys a ton! Thanks for everything!! Hope you have a great week!

Elder Newkirk

with a giant lizard that they have in Pozo Almonte

With Elder Howe, Elder Gali, and Elder Wild only missing Elder Jennings

Also when I went with Elder Alcantara to visit. Matias and Nicolas!

With Elder Texiera

Francisco´s baptism!

Francisco´s baptism!

Photos in Francisco´s house with star wars stuff lol. He´s a little star wars fan

Photos in Francisco´s house with star wars stuff lol. He´s a little star wars fan

Photos in Francisco´s house with star wars stuff lol. He´s a little star wars fan

Monday, May 8, 2017

week #71 -- finding and baptizing investigators!

Hey don´t have a ton of time to write this week like normal haha but I´ll try to write as much as I can in a short period of time!!

This week went by super fast! When one is focused in the work, to find new people to teach and baptize, the weeks just go flying by!

We found a new family that are super awesome and are progressing a ton. Tuesday we had companion exchange and I was with Elder Schmid in our sector working for the day. But while we were walking around a dude stopped us in the street to talk to us. He told us that he shared before with missionaries and told us to pass by Wednesday to share with him. So Elder Lozano and I passed by Wednesday and shared about gospel of Jesus Christ and baptism. Told us that he wanted to get baptized for this weekend. 13th of May. So then we passed by again Friday and taught him and his wife and his kid that is 8 years old(perfect age lol). Passed by again Saturday to teach a little bit more with the family and they all went to church Sunday. They came all dressed up as well. Whoops didn´t say their name... Francisco, Daniela, and Francisco(son). He came to church in a suit and she also came dressed up and everything. So they have a date to get baptized this weekend 13th!!! We have a lesson tomorrow with them to talk about their baptism and everything so that they can have their baptism interview as well! They have been also reading the book of Mormon and everything! They are super awesome and progressing a ton!! So let´s hope that everything goes well and they can all get baptized this weekend!

We are still working with a few of the other investigators as well. Also finding a lot of people to teach! We had like 7 investigators this Sunday in church again which was pretty cool. Marcell and Luis came to church again! They are also progressing but a little more slow then others. But they should be entering into the waters of baptism soon!! Also we have still been working with the Ibacache family, Juan and his family, but he had to go to work this weekend and the rest of his family went down to Santiago so they couldn´t come to church this weekend. This Sunday they should be coming to church so they can all get baptized the following week, May 20th! We also have a lot of other investigators that are progressing and that have came to church and everything just need to work a little bit more with them so that they can also get baptized!

This week also we had our trip to Antofagasta for leadership council! It went pretty well! I had a to actually give a short talk and do a practice in front of all the leaders about something we call the tarjeta de fuego(card of fire). It´s a way that we invite people to baptism in every first contact that we make with people! It went pretty well! Other than that there were a couple things that we talked about. We actually talked a lot about working with the youth and also about the book of Mormon but it was really good. Also got some pizza so that was also a bonus lol. We actually have to travel back to Antofagasta this Friday but this time we are going to Antofagasta with all the missionaries. We have a conference this week with Elder Texiera of the Seventy. So that should also be really good! Definitely should be learning a lot! Also next month we are going to have another visit from general authorities in June. Elder Christensen(from the Seventy), Elder Bragg(Seventy that talked this general conference), and the MTC President. They want to come and visit our mission to see what we are doing as a mission because we have been having a lot of success and everything! So we are going to have that visit coming up as well!

Other than that our week was just another one of just working hard in the Lord´s vineyard to bring souls unto Christ. It was actually a really good week. This week should also be a good one as well!

About skype this sunday!!! I should be online like 8-9pm here in Chile! I honestly have no clue what time that will be for you guys because this Saturday we put the clocks back an hour. So I´ll let you guys figure it out but I think that should be like 3-4pm for you guys but I´m not 100% sure. But I´ll be on like 8-9pm here! So that you guys can be ready to go and everything. Hopefully you won´t have any technical difficulties this time!

Man NBA news.. Miss watching the NBA lol. Sounds like the Warriors should be going up against the Cavs again lol. Both of their teams are super stong..

Thanks for all the photos from your trip in Florida this week! Looks like you guys had a good time!!

Well I´m out of time! Got to get back to the house and shower and stuff to get ready to get out there and work!! I´ll talk to you guys this week!! Love you a ton!! See ya!!!

Elder Newkirk

Sorry I don´t have any photos this week!!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Week #70-- baptism week for Sebastian


Well this week went by pretty fast. It was a good week this week Sebastian got baptized! Things didn´t really work out for Marcel and Luis this week but we´re going to keep working with them so that they can get baptized as soon as possible. Also Juan Ibacache came to church this Sunday but he didn´t come with his family which was kinda lame.. We´re going to go for Juan´s baptism this week because he wants to get baptized and then work on baptizing the other 4 of his family or maybe they´ll all just get baptized together when they all go to church.. We´ll see how things go this week! 

An experience that happened to me this week that I´ll share is that we had to do an interview Wednesday night in a sector called La Pampa which is on the other side of Alto Hospicio. This week was the last week of April and always the last week we are short on money so we didn´t have any money to take a bus to the other side of Alto Hospicio so we had to just start walking(which is like at least an hour to walk there). As we were walking we were just talking and my comp said hey let´s just say a prayer in the street and ask for someone to help take us to the other side of Alto Hospicio. We we said a prayer and literally like 3 minutes later we got a call from a member asking us where we were... He came and picked us up in his car and took us to La Pampa. Prayers are strong and really work if you ask with faith! I was seriously just laughing because I couldn´t believe that, that actually happened. Even the smallest things God cares about in our life and about every single one of us. Just another testimony builder! 

Also had another companion exchange this week with Elder Ambao from the Philippines. He has like 3 weeks in the mission field but it was cool to be able to work with him. There in the Philippines they talk English as well as a couple other native languages. But they play a ton of basketball there as well so we were able to talk a little about basketball. It´s cool being able to work with a lot of different missionaries! 

Also this week we had a talent show after Sebastian´s baptism Saturday. We did a couple things. I did the magic trick from Hailey with poker cards which was pretty good. We also did a sketch as missionaries. It was pretty funny. So the sketch was about missionaries entering in a house and there ´s a kid in the house that just keeps bugging the missionaries and interrupting and just making a scene the whole time. Then the parents leave to go get food and when they leave the missionaries go and take the kid´s stuff animal and threaten him that if he doesn´t be good during the lesson they´ll cut the head off his teddy bear. So when the parents get back the kid is quiet and just listens and stuff like that. The parents are impressed with the message that brought peace to their kid and the house so they invite the missionaries to keep coming back every day. It was a pretty funny sketch. My comp was the kid and I was one of the missionaries with another Elder and the sister missionaries was the mom and the grandma. But turned out pretty good. The talent show was also really good and fun!

Sunday we had another open church program! I don´t have any time to write about the experiences that I had in the open church. But I was able to work with Elder Alcantara again because he is in the zone now. We went out to invite people to come to the activity in the church. And we found a couple that came with us and there is a part in the open church about baptism and when we got to that part they were just asking about baptism and how they could get baptized. It was pretty funny because all the missionaries in back were just laughing and baptizing and stuff like that because they were literally golden. So we found some baptism yesterday. Wish I could have explained the story a little better but I don´t have time to do so...

Speaking about comps in the zone we had a special transfer in the zone. Elder Reveko left and Elder Pineda came into the zone. So now I´m living again with Elder Pineda but not as his comp lol. Fun to see old comps! Back together with Elder Alcantara and Elder Pineda. 

Interviews also with President went well! Everythings going good. I always love talking to President! Also this week I´ll be seeing him again because we have to travel to Antofagasta again because it´s already May! So we´ll be traveling to Antofagasta for Leadership council at like 2 am Wednesday! Woo! 

It´s actually starting to get pretty cold here at night. Here in Alto Hospicio because we literally live on top of a mountain comes in clouds that block the view. It has started to happen but when it gets more winter time it gets pretty crazy what the people say. But night time here has been getting cold. The sweaters are coming out! But it´s still hot during the day. The climate is sucky. I think I´m starting to get sick again from the change of climates. It´s lame hot during the day and cold during the night.....

On the 14th is the skype call. Still don´t know what time. Well we can say pretty much any time that you guys want or that I´ll put. But time is definitely going by fast, the last skype call! I only have 7 more months to baptize and to bring more people unto Christ! Gotta work hard until the end!

Sounds like you guys definitely had a pretty busy and great week in Florida! I´m jealous! Hope that you guys had great time with the time that you have left on your vacation to Florida! Love you guys a ton! Wish I had more time to write!

Elder Newkirk

Pics: Sebastian´s Baptism
A pic from the open church activity!

Monday, April 24, 2017

week #69 -- normal week and companion exchanges

Hey, how´s it goin? Yeah I know, the lead off sentence is getting a little boring. I keep trying to think of something to put at first but yeah..... it´s just about the same everytime now.

My week was pretty normal actually. We were doing a lot of companion exchanges this week. We had like 3 exchanges this week. I was able to work with Elder Pezo, Elder Schmid, and Elder Eager this week. Elder Pezo and Elder Eager are 2 of the 3 district leaders of our zone so I was able to work a little with the district leader this week. Normally we do comp exchanges when we have to go and do baptism interviews or when we want to work with the other missionaries to see how they are doing and everything. So it was a pretty busy week with working with other missionaries and doing interviews for a couple other sectors. I was able to also go to Pozo Almonte this week which is a small city that is like 30 mins from Hospicio with Elder Schmid. I was able to do a couple of baptism interviews for them this week which is always fun doing. I like to do interviews with people that are preparing or need a little help preparing to be baptized!

Other than that my week has been just a week of working hard to make sure that we have some baptisms coming up this weekend. We should be having at least one baptism. Sebastian is all good to go for this weekend. We also have another couple that came to church this week who also could get baptized if everything works out well. Marcell and Luis. Also the Ibacache family didn´t come to church this weekend..... Which was kinda lame. We passed by their house Saturday night to make sure that everything was good for Sunday. They ended up doing a bbq Saturday night and woke up late Sunday and didn´t make it to church..... But it doesn´t really surprise me now.. I´m kinda used to it but oh well there is always next week. Just have to keep moving forward with faith!

But yeah that was pretty much my week this week. Just trying to find more people to teach and as well prepare people to get baptized this week as well. It´s just a never ending cycle of finding and baptizing and trying to help people progress and all that good stuff.  But other than that just working hard with members and just being a missionary.

Something that I really realized this week as I have been studying and as well just thinking is that the only reason why I´m here on the mission is to help people to be baptized. A lot of people think that missionaries are just there to talk about God and stuff like that but anyone can talk about God before and also after the mission. When one is in the mission it is the only time when you have the keys to open up the door to eternal life. Also something that I learned this week is that a less active is in a better state then someone who has never been baptized. One because one who is baptized still has the gift of the Holy Ghost so at one point or another God will give another chance for them to come back to church through the Holy Ghost. Also people will still have the chance to change in the other world and it is a lot better if one is baptized then one who isn´t. Because the one who isn´t will have to wait until one of us here on earth to do that ordinance for them. Idk just a couple things that I have been thinking about this week that I thought that I might share with you guys.

Good luck in Florida this week! Hope everything goes well! I imagine that you guys will have some fun down there!

The census was good this week. We actually got counted pretty early. At like 11 we were already good to go and work like normal. But I think that there were some people that pretty much just had to wait in their house all day long lol. That would have been lame if that happened to us.

But yeah other than that my week should be a pretty good one. We´ve got interviews with president this week also we got another open church program coming up this Sunday which should also be some fun!

I´ll stay as ZL as long as the Lord wants me to be lol. I could go and train as well because I still haven´t trained anyone....... Man I want to be a papito and have a son lol.. But I´ll go wherever the Lord wants me to go!

Love you guys a ton!!

Elder Newkirk

Pics: Found a Nacho Libre bike so I had to take a pic with it lol

We were in a elevator and they wanted to take a pic with the mirror... lol (Yo, Elder Pezo, Elder Lozano, y Elder Fernandez)

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

week #68 -- preparing a new family for baptism!

Que pasa con vo loco! Soy chorro loco! There´s a little chilanese for ya lol.

It´s always awesome baptizing a family! I love to see the whole process of someone being baptized! From finding to teaching to bringing them to church to baptizing! We should have some more coming up soon as well! 100% we will have some baptisms for the 29th! There are actually quite a few people that we are helping to prepare for the 29th. Also another family of 4 as well!! The Ibacache family! Also a little girl called Ashley whose family are all less actives. We are going to bring them back to church and baptize the girl. Also we have Sebastian who´s 19 and a friend of a convert who wants to be baptized as well! Also Freddy who is married with a less active that have been going to church for like 3 Sunday´s. I honestly didn´t know that he was an investigator and I thought it was from the sister missionaries but then we sat and talked with him but he lives in our sector and isn´t baptized! So we are going to be teaching him so that he can be baptized ASAP! So there is definitely a ton of work to do with a ton of other investigators that are still really good. But these are all the people that could be baptized real soon!

We actually had an awesome lesson with the Ibacache family yesterday. Juan who is the dad of the family has been listening to the missionaries for a while but idk why but the missionaries just stopped visited him and his family. So we have started to teach them again. But yesterday in the lesson we taught about the Plan of Salvation. The mom, Ana, was a little sick and after the lesson Juan asked if we could give a blessing to her. So we gave her a blessing and after the blessing she started to cry and felt the spirit strong. It was pretty cool. We then put another appointment for tonight. Juan called us today to tell us that his wife wasn´t sick and that the blessing worked and to make sure that we were coming to his house tonight to share something again lol. It was pretty cool! That´s probably like the first time that an investigator has called me to make sure that we were good to pass by lol. But they are definitely a great family! We just got to get the whole family to church and then to baptism!!

Other than that this week has actually been really really good. Elder Lozano and I have been working a ton! Elder Lozano is super good and super crazy haha. He talks with everyone and is super awesome at teaching people. Definitely have a gift! But I have definitely been enjoying working with Elder Lozano! Definitely a busy bee! I´m super used to working with latinos lol. Every single one of my comps have been latinos... The only time I´ve had gringo comps was in the MTC with Elder Wild and Elder Jennings... So I really don´t know what it´s like to have a gringo comp.. lol . But it really doesn´t matter who your comp is if they want to work and are focued in the work. Now that I´m a ZL it´s pretty hard to get a bad comp now lol..

Easter Sunday was good. It really isn´t a huge holiday here in Chile. They don´t celebrate it as much as we do in the States. Like they don´t do Easter egg hunts or anything like that. Just some chocolates and stuff like that. But it was just a normal day of working and visiting people..

Actually this Wednesday coming up we have a nation wide census. Which is when they go door to door counting the families and stuff like that. So we have to stay in the house until the people pass by and then we can go out and start to work. So hopefully the people pass by early so that we can get out and work!!

Yeah it´s always lame to get sick in the mission. But I´m pretty sure that it was just something that I ate but idk because my comp didn´t get sick.

Yeah we live with another companionship. Elder Reveko from Chile and Elder Rodriguez from Argentina. I´m pretty sure that I´m losing my english. I find it a lot easier to talk in spanish now instead of english. I feel weird speaking in English.

Well I´m out of time like usual! Love you guys a ton!! Hope you guys have a great week!

Elder Newkirk

Pic: The only pic that I took this week. With my comp Elder Lozano

Monday, April 10, 2017

week #67 -- Baustimo TA!

Hey how´s it going? Espero que bien! Would be correct lol! (not muy bueno espero) Pero HAY BAUTISMO that happened this weekend!!!!

My week last week was pretty crazy but a good week! This last week that happened was the last week of this transfer and there were some changes! I´m now with a new comp! I´m with Elder Lozano! He was my zone leader like 6 weeks ago and now he´s my comp! I mentioned him before when he went to work in my sector and did a ton of work. So now I get to be his comp! He´s from Peru as well! I have a ton of comps from Peru. Well all my comps have been latinos, so still waiting until I have a gringo comp lol. 

But the trip down the Antofagasta was good. We went down to leadership council with all the zone leaders and president. There is leadership council every first part of the month, so every month I have to travel to Antofagasta. It was actually really good. We had some good discussions about a lot of differnent stuff. We talked about general conference and a few other things like the spirit and the importance that it has in the work. We have to make it so that the investigatores can feel the spirit and we talked a little about the obedience and that how it brings the spirit. First we have to bring the spirit in our life then to everyone else. We also talked about the promise and the talk from President Monson about the Book of Mormon. I also extend the invitation to you guys to read the book of Mormon every single day if you aren´t doing so! It is something that a prophet of God has told us to do, so we should definitely do it!! 

Then Wednesday and Thursday we worked and were preparing our baptism this weekend that happened! Friday I got super sick.... I woke up at 4 am throwing up... So that was fun. I was in bed all day with fever and everything. Saturday I went to the doctor but he told me that the bug that I had my body already got rid of it. Saturday I was a lot better and just was a little weak. 

Saturday in the afternoon we had our baptism of the Rodriguez Crisostomo family!! Candy, Luis, and their daughter Lidia!! It was the girl that I contacted like 2 weeks ago in the street! They all got baptized this weekend!! It was super awesome! We also baptized with the other missionaries that are from another branch that actually live with us as well! It was pretty awesome! I have seen a ton of miracles here in Alto Hospicio, with Elder Cordova! There is a lot success here! All the members are super awesome as well! Now we´re just going to do even more work here with Elder Lozano! We have to renew our stock a little bit now because we´ve pretty much baptized almost everyone. There are still quite a few that we are working with but we´ll see what happenes! But we´re just going to keep going with faith to find the people that the Lord is preparing for us! 

Then on Sunday my comp was just saying his goodbyes to the members and also the converts and stuff like that! There are a lot of photos to send!!

Yeah completos are pretty much hot dogs with tomato and avocado lol. Idk I´ve tried a ton of new things lol but I honestly don´t remember a ton but yes I have tried a few new things. 

I haven´t been able to do a ton of exploring still but here one of these pdays with Elder Lozano we´ll get out there and do some exploring! 

Yeah we have Easter this week! Easter is quite big here. The week before Easter, this week.. They have something called semana santa, or holy week. Where everywhere on tv has movies about Jesus Christ and stuff like that. But yeah they celebrate Easter here. 

Well I hope that you guys have a great week! This week will be pretty interesting guiding a new sector that I don´t know a lot about still haha! But should be a good week of working!! Love you guys a ton!! 

Elder Newkirk

Pics: Del Bautismo! TA!

Monday, April 3, 2017

week #66 -- conference weekend! Many great talks!


My week was actually pretty awesome especially with conference! This weekends conference was super awesome! It talked a ton about discipleship and the consecration! Also a lot about the plan of salvation and the Lord Jesus Christ and his Atonement! It was super awesome and you guys definitely have to see it! My favorite talk from general conference was from Elder Sabin. He talked about going all in with the Gospel. That we pretty much just have to go all in and we can´t only go partly in. There is only hot and cold, there isn´t an in between. I also liked the talk from Elder Bragg. Actually Elder Bragg came to visit our mission last year, it was pretty cool to see him talk in conference someone that you got to know in person. I also really enjoyed the talk from Elder Uchtdorf in the Priesthood session about leadership in the church. There are a ton of other talks that I loved as well but those are the ones that came to my mind because I don´t have all my notes with me but I have all the talks downloaded to start to listen to them again during the week. But the conference was really really good.

Other than that this week there wasn´t that much. There was another Chile game that happened on Tuesday that we watched the second half with another family that are listening to the gospel! Vamos Chile! They won 3-1! But don´t worry we have permission to watch the games with investigators and if we are being productive! Don´t worry I´m not disobedient lol! It´s just that literally everyone is watching the game when there is a game so it´s a lot more productive to watch the game with investigators and share something during half time or something and also to have a better relationship with the people then to be just in the street walking around with absolutely no one in the street and no one that will let us in lol.

Other than that it was just a week of just working and helping out a couple of sectors. But that was pretty much it! Tonight I´m going to Antofagasta again at like 3am so that should be fun! lol! We have to head down to Iquique super early to be able to catch our bus then head out to Antofa like 5-6 hours. So I should see if I get my package tomorrow or no!

Also this weekend me and my comp got a little sick. We ate something bad at lunch on Saturday and Sunday we woke up pretty dead. But today we are feeling a lot better and almost normal. Some stomach problems, but I feel like it´s starting to get a little normal now lol. But this weekend it was pretty bad... But we all good now! Ready to work and to baptize! TA!

Sounds like you guys had a pretty busy week as well! But sounds like you guys had fun! The only thing is that you missed conference! You have to listen to it this week!

Zofri is awesome! It is huge!! It´s like a black market but it´s legal so don´t worry lol. But one could seriously spend all day in Zofri looking at things that you didn´t even know exsisted! But it´s really cool! But there is a ton of awesome stuff. Like there is a small drone with a camera for like 60 bucks but it is really cool. Idk there is just a ton of different stuff that one could buy.

Pday was pretty chill. Nothing much happened. Just eating and writing and buying. The good old Pday lol. I think we are going to go and do some bowling soon which should be fun.

Hope that you guys have a great week! Love you a ton!!

Elder Newkirk

Pics: There´s a completo joint that´s called The Lord of the Completos with a pic of Golem with a completo which was pretty funny so I took a pic.