Wednesday, July 5, 2017

week #79 -- new area - Calama as Zone leader

Hola! Happy 4th of July!!!

Well here I am here in Calama! I got transferred here as zone leader with Elder Torrico from Argentina! All my mission I´ve been with just pure latinos! But yeah everything is going good so far here. Calama is just a pure desert and with a really high elevation. During the day it is pretty warm outside but when it gets to like 6 o clock it starts to get really cold here. But hey there aren´t fleas to bite me here!! I still haven´t been able to work too much in my sector yet but we´re just going to keep working hard to be able to baptize here in Calama as well! This week we might have a baptism here in Calama. His name is Andres, he´s a little special and has problems with depression but he´s been going to church here and his mom is a ex missionary but we will be working with him this week so that he can get baptized because he feels like he isn´t ready and doesn´t feel like it´s his time but we´re going to teach him this week and help him feel ready for this Saturday!

It was a good time in Alto Hospicio though! I will definitely miss it a ton there! It was seriously a promised land and I had a real good time working there! Wish I could still be there in Hospicio! But the Lord wants me to be here in Calama during But just going to keep working hard. This last weekend we didn´t have any baptisms in Alto Hospicio but I left a lot of good investigators for the next missionary that´s going to take my place! But it was a good goodbye with the people there in Hospicio.

There has been a ton of trips this last week. Last week we went to Antofagasta to go to leadership council where we found out the transfers! But the council was good we talked a lot about leadership and also about the importance to be able to reach our goals and to have high key indicators like new investigators, lesson with member, baptism dates, and people in church. If we have high numbers in these 4 then we will be able to baptize si o si! Then we stayed in Antofagasta to be with the Asistents and to leave out with them and work in their sector. We left out with Elder Shelton who is one of the Asistents to President right now! He´s a great missionary and works hard! Then we came back home at like 11:30 and got to Iquique a like 5 am... So that was a little tiring. Then I had the trip to Calama which was 6 hours but everything's good and we are back at it in my new sector!

Hope that you guys have a great 4th of July! Hope that everything works out with your job as well! Well I dont have a ton of time because I´m going to send quite a few photos that I took this week! Love you guys a ton!!

Elder Newkirk


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