Monday, July 24, 2017

week #82 - Calama working in the Lords vineyard...baptisms next week

Que pasa con vo loco? When you start your emails in Spanish you talk a little ghetto hahaha

Well this week actually went pretty well. We actually didn´t end up having the baptism because we went to visit her Tuesday with the Bishop and we found out that she isn´t married..... We were like 99.9% sure that she was married because when we asked her once she told us that she was and when we passed by on Tuesday we found out that she didn´t get married legally. She got married with some tribe thing that doesn´t count... Oh chilenos... So that´s what happened with the baptism this week. The Bishop just made fun of us afterwards as well haha. The Bishop is actually really nice here. Today we actually went to his house because he wanted us to pass by to see a collection that he has in his house. He has like a complete Nintendo collection. He has a ton of consoles and video games and just like everything. He has things as well that cost like more than $1000. He broke out a couple old school consoles and stuff like that from Japan to show some of the games to us as well. He also had the Virtual Boy that we tryed out for a second. It was pretty cool! But that´s pretty much what we did today is just hang out and look at the Bishops collection. His name is Andres Acuña, good Bishop. I´ll have to take some photos another day because I forgot my camera...

Well getting back to the baptisms and working in the Lords vineyard. We should be having 4 baptisms this week! We had 7 investigators in church yesterday and 4 of them are going to get baptized! Marisol and her son David and going to get baptized this week. They were the ones that were suppose to go to church last week to get baptized but weren´t able to go but they came this week and are excited for their baptism for this Saturday. Then we have another couple that are going to get baptized as well. Freddy and Cleyusa(or something like that, her name is a little difficult). He is from Bolivia and she is from Brazil actually. First person that I´ve taught from Brazil and the first person I´m going to baptize from Brazil as well! She speaks Portuguese and Spanish. When she speaks in Portuguese I can understand a little bit but Portuguese is really cool. They actually went to church last week but in another ward. The sister missionaries last week passed us the reference because they live in our ward. But they are super ready also for their baptism this weekend. They already know a couple members in the ward from their work as well! So we should be having some baptisms yes or yes this weekend!

Our zone actually only has 8 baptisms this month of July. I´m definitely used to Alto Hospicio where we were able to baptize a lot more as a zone. I definitely think as well that the Lord expects a lot more from us. So we´ve been working hard with the missionaries especially the leaders here to be able work better and harder here in Calama.

Tomorrow we get to all go down to Antofagasta as well for a zone conference with President. We will be with the 2 zones in Antofagasta and our zone here in Calama. Should be a good conference. Our President I think will talk a lot about investigators in church in this conference. I actually have to direct the conference tomorrow which should be fun. We take a bus at 5:30am tomorrow which should also be fun. But I actually get to head to Tocopilla afterwards to go and work with the missionaries in Tocopilla. Tocopilla is another city in our zone that is like 3 hours away. This city is actually a little famous because a real famous soccer player is from there. Alexis Sanchez. They even have a statue of him there. Hopefully I´ll be able to take a photo with the statue when I go there!

Another than that my week was another week of just working. And this week coming up should be pretty good!

Sounds like things are going well for you guys as well! Looks like fun there in Utah! (I feel like I say that like every week because you guys travel a ton without me...) Good luck with the job this week! Hopefully you´ll finally have all the answers this week and everything will work out! The Lord will definitely put you guys in the right place!

Love ya guys a ton!

Elder Newkirk

Voy a tener fotos la aproxima semana! Lo siento!

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