Tuesday, August 8, 2017

week #84 -- Happy Birthday Elder Newkirk!! Big "20"


This week went by real fast! A ton of stuff happened this week! The leadership meeting went really really well. One of the best meetings that I´ve been in with President! Birthday also went really well! I´ll have to send all the photos and everything! A lot of photos this week!

But yeah on Tuesday we had the leadership meeting! President and Sister Ferreira talked a lot about the diligence and also the obedience. If we develop these two attributes of Christ then we will be able to have a lot of miracles and a lot more success. We also read a lot from Alma 26 which was a chapter pretty much written for our mission right now because we have also been reaching heights right now as a mission. This last month we had 157 baptisms as a mission! All of the other numbers have also gone way up which is really cool to see all the miracles happening and everything that is happening in the mission right now! Idk there is a ton that happened this leadership meeting that we had but it was really really good. We also learned who are going to be the new zone leaders this next transfer because we are now in the last week of transfers and I´m going to get one of them as my next comp. It will either be Elder Barney, Howe, Thomas, or Huarhua so there is a 3/4 chance that I´ll be getting a gringo as my first gringo comp in the mission field! But knowing my mission and everything I´ll probably get Elder Huarhua as my comp, he´s Latino so it wouldn´t surprise me lol. But we´ll see what happens this week! 

But yeah my birthday went really well actually! We had zone training and all the missionaries in the zone did something for me and bought a cake and sang happy birthday which was nice. Then there was another family, the papitos of the missionaries which are really nice and one of the coolest families that I have met in my mission that invited me to their house at night and also bought me a cake for me and sang. Also in lunch on Saturday they family sang to me happy birthday and gave me a small treat. Also Sunday investigators invited me to their house to eat dinner as well and they wished me happy birthday. Also more cake.... So dont worry I had a good birthday and had a ton of cake. I´ve still got some cake saved in the fridge lol! But yeah really good birthday here this year! The people here in Calama are really nice! The shoes got here all good as well they are actually really nice I like them a lot! Also got the card from Grandma Oldroyd and also Dalton! Thanks guys for the cards!! I liked the drawing that Dalton did lol! (He drew a pic of us all playing Skum) But thanks for all the Bday wishes and for the package that you guys sent me!!

We havent been able to find Marisol or David all week long. Really sad. We've called them during the week and when we pass by they arent home or just dont open up. I´m pretty sure one time we knocked we heard a shhhhh on the other side. So theyre pretty much gone, sad story but not much that we can do now, free agency of people. But weve been able to work a few other families that are really nice. A lot of them have to go to church though! Also a ton of them have to get married which kinda sucks! In Alto Hospicio we were finding everyone that were just married and ready for the gospel and everything but here we have just been finding people that need more work to enter into the waters of baptism. For example with the family that I sent pics with is Ingrid and her family! The lady that was going to get baptized but we found out she isnt married with her husband(who is really funny and is pretty much always drunk because he drinks a lot of wine, he says since Jesus drank wine then he can). There is also a pretty funny pic with the husband because he is always crazy and listening to music really loud all the time as well. But yeah Ingrid has gone to church like 3 times now, we are trying to get her daughter to go to church but she reminds me a lot of Hailey. She stays up all night chatting and is lazy to get out of bed in the mornings to go to church. She promised us to go to church yesterday but she didnt wake up. She told us next week si o si! We also met their neighbors who also said that they were going to go to church with Ingrid next Sunday. So we should be having some more baptisms soon! We better!!! But we just have to get out there and find some more people who are ready for the gospel! 

Well other than that, that was pretty much my week this week. Also got a little sick over the weekend but I´m already used to getting sick now lol. Just a cold over the weekend but I´m already getting over it. Hope all the job stuff works out and can get the pay your looking for! Also sounds like you guys had a good time celebrating my birthday in Cheesecake Factory without me! Thanks, lol! Love ya guys a ton and hope you have a great week!!

Elder Newkirk

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