Monday, May 29, 2017

week #74 miracle baptisms


More baptisms this week! TA! Marcell, Luis and Francisco(Daniel) got baptized this week! I´ve got quite the story about these baptisms because they were literally a miracle lol. So with Marcell and Luis this week is wasn´t all that 100% for this weekend their baptism. Marcell has been wanting to be baptized but with some certian health issues she still didn´t want to do it. Luis also didn´t feel like it was really his time to get baptized and that he wasn´t ready for it still. But we were walking close by there house Wednesday night and felt like we needed to go and visit them. So we went by and knocked on their door. Normally Luis isn´t home because he is always working in his taxi and works until late. But for some reason he was home early and we found them in their house. Luis was going through a depression episode because about a month ago his mom died. We have already explained the Plan of Salvation to him and everything but he still has depression. But we passed by and talked a little about the plan of salvation again with him and also gave him a blessing of strength. Immediately afterwards he returned to normal. While we were talking a little bit more afterwards we brought up the topic of their baptism and she said that she was going to get baptized this Saturday! Luis also accepted to have his baptismal interview to see if he was ready because he still didn´t feel 100% ready. So he had his baptism interview Saturday morning and was baptized at 11am lol! I acutally baptized Marcell and Luis. It was a pretty interesting baptism especially with Luis because he´s a little bigger and when he went down into the water he literally threw all his weight down....... So that was fun lol...Also with Francisco which is Francisco´s son who´s 9 years old. It´s Daniela´s and Francisco´s kid who still didn´t want to get baptized. So Friday night my comp and another Elder went and passed by their house to visit them and asked Daniel(when I say Daniel it´s the son because it´s his second name..) straight up if he wanted to get baptized. He told them no and when they asked a little bit more it was only because he was scared of the water lol. So the dad told my comp and the other Elder that Satuday morning just to bring the white clothes and everything and do the interview as well. Well Daniel also had his interview Saturday morning and got baptized at 11am!

That was pretty much just a basic story of all that happened this week with the baptisms but the thing is, is that the 3 of them got baptized this week!

Other than that my week was pretty good. Just another normal week of working and helping out the zone to baptize! In the zone we had 10 baptisms this week and this month of May we had 20 baptisms and 22 confirmations! It was a really good month! We worked really well as a zone and did a lot of good work! I think we are doing this best out of the mission not to brag or anything because it is really the Lords work and he is doing all the miracles! We are only being instruments in his hands! But a lot of good work going on in the Lords vineyard.

Also this week we had another open church activity where we invited a ton of people to come and do tours of the church. This activity went really well! It was in our branch this time! Our branch building is really close to downtown of Alto Hospicio and a ton of people are always passing by so it was actually quite easy to get people into the church to get a tour!

This next weekend coming up we should be having 4 more baptisms! We had a family come to church this weekend who are really excited to get baptized as a family! They were old investigators that were investigating the church. When we got there they pretty much already had a testimony and everything. They remember like all the lesson that the missionaries gave and everything as well. His name is Jonothan and her name is Viviana. So that made the work a little more easier for us lol! They have 3 kids, Kevin(13), Jonothan(8), and Mayley(6).  Also coming up this week this Wednesday we have a zone conference with president in Iquique! Also we have interviews with President this Thursday! Should be a good week for us!

Today for Pday we just played a little bit of soccer as a zone then from there just a normal pday of buying and stuff like that.

Sounds like you guys have had a pretty busy week with all the family stuff going on! Wish I could be there with you guys! Looks like you guys had fun!

Other than that not much else left to say about everything... Just a good week of working and baptizing!! Everything´s going really well for me here in the mission! I hope that everything is going just as well as things are going for me! Love you guys a ton a hope that you have a great week!!

Elder Newkirk

P.S. I think next week I´m going to take out a little bit of personal money to buy some running shoes! Hope ya don´t mind lol

Pics: Baptism of Marcell, Luis and Daniel!

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