Monday, May 8, 2017

week #71 -- finding and baptizing investigators!

Hey don´t have a ton of time to write this week like normal haha but I´ll try to write as much as I can in a short period of time!!

This week went by super fast! When one is focused in the work, to find new people to teach and baptize, the weeks just go flying by!

We found a new family that are super awesome and are progressing a ton. Tuesday we had companion exchange and I was with Elder Schmid in our sector working for the day. But while we were walking around a dude stopped us in the street to talk to us. He told us that he shared before with missionaries and told us to pass by Wednesday to share with him. So Elder Lozano and I passed by Wednesday and shared about gospel of Jesus Christ and baptism. Told us that he wanted to get baptized for this weekend. 13th of May. So then we passed by again Friday and taught him and his wife and his kid that is 8 years old(perfect age lol). Passed by again Saturday to teach a little bit more with the family and they all went to church Sunday. They came all dressed up as well. Whoops didn´t say their name... Francisco, Daniela, and Francisco(son). He came to church in a suit and she also came dressed up and everything. So they have a date to get baptized this weekend 13th!!! We have a lesson tomorrow with them to talk about their baptism and everything so that they can have their baptism interview as well! They have been also reading the book of Mormon and everything! They are super awesome and progressing a ton!! So let´s hope that everything goes well and they can all get baptized this weekend!

We are still working with a few of the other investigators as well. Also finding a lot of people to teach! We had like 7 investigators this Sunday in church again which was pretty cool. Marcell and Luis came to church again! They are also progressing but a little more slow then others. But they should be entering into the waters of baptism soon!! Also we have still been working with the Ibacache family, Juan and his family, but he had to go to work this weekend and the rest of his family went down to Santiago so they couldn´t come to church this weekend. This Sunday they should be coming to church so they can all get baptized the following week, May 20th! We also have a lot of other investigators that are progressing and that have came to church and everything just need to work a little bit more with them so that they can also get baptized!

This week also we had our trip to Antofagasta for leadership council! It went pretty well! I had a to actually give a short talk and do a practice in front of all the leaders about something we call the tarjeta de fuego(card of fire). It´s a way that we invite people to baptism in every first contact that we make with people! It went pretty well! Other than that there were a couple things that we talked about. We actually talked a lot about working with the youth and also about the book of Mormon but it was really good. Also got some pizza so that was also a bonus lol. We actually have to travel back to Antofagasta this Friday but this time we are going to Antofagasta with all the missionaries. We have a conference this week with Elder Texiera of the Seventy. So that should also be really good! Definitely should be learning a lot! Also next month we are going to have another visit from general authorities in June. Elder Christensen(from the Seventy), Elder Bragg(Seventy that talked this general conference), and the MTC President. They want to come and visit our mission to see what we are doing as a mission because we have been having a lot of success and everything! So we are going to have that visit coming up as well!

Other than that our week was just another one of just working hard in the Lord´s vineyard to bring souls unto Christ. It was actually a really good week. This week should also be a good one as well!

About skype this sunday!!! I should be online like 8-9pm here in Chile! I honestly have no clue what time that will be for you guys because this Saturday we put the clocks back an hour. So I´ll let you guys figure it out but I think that should be like 3-4pm for you guys but I´m not 100% sure. But I´ll be on like 8-9pm here! So that you guys can be ready to go and everything. Hopefully you won´t have any technical difficulties this time!

Man NBA news.. Miss watching the NBA lol. Sounds like the Warriors should be going up against the Cavs again lol. Both of their teams are super stong..

Thanks for all the photos from your trip in Florida this week! Looks like you guys had a good time!!

Well I´m out of time! Got to get back to the house and shower and stuff to get ready to get out there and work!! I´ll talk to you guys this week!! Love you a ton!! See ya!!!

Elder Newkirk

Sorry I don´t have any photos this week!!

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