Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Week #70-- baptism week for Sebastian


Well this week went by pretty fast. It was a good week this week Sebastian got baptized! Things didn´t really work out for Marcel and Luis this week but we´re going to keep working with them so that they can get baptized as soon as possible. Also Juan Ibacache came to church this Sunday but he didn´t come with his family which was kinda lame.. We´re going to go for Juan´s baptism this week because he wants to get baptized and then work on baptizing the other 4 of his family or maybe they´ll all just get baptized together when they all go to church.. We´ll see how things go this week! 

An experience that happened to me this week that I´ll share is that we had to do an interview Wednesday night in a sector called La Pampa which is on the other side of Alto Hospicio. This week was the last week of April and always the last week we are short on money so we didn´t have any money to take a bus to the other side of Alto Hospicio so we had to just start walking(which is like at least an hour to walk there). As we were walking we were just talking and my comp said hey let´s just say a prayer in the street and ask for someone to help take us to the other side of Alto Hospicio. We we said a prayer and literally like 3 minutes later we got a call from a member asking us where we were... He came and picked us up in his car and took us to La Pampa. Prayers are strong and really work if you ask with faith! I was seriously just laughing because I couldn´t believe that, that actually happened. Even the smallest things God cares about in our life and about every single one of us. Just another testimony builder! 

Also had another companion exchange this week with Elder Ambao from the Philippines. He has like 3 weeks in the mission field but it was cool to be able to work with him. There in the Philippines they talk English as well as a couple other native languages. But they play a ton of basketball there as well so we were able to talk a little about basketball. It´s cool being able to work with a lot of different missionaries! 

Also this week we had a talent show after Sebastian´s baptism Saturday. We did a couple things. I did the magic trick from Hailey with poker cards which was pretty good. We also did a sketch as missionaries. It was pretty funny. So the sketch was about missionaries entering in a house and there ´s a kid in the house that just keeps bugging the missionaries and interrupting and just making a scene the whole time. Then the parents leave to go get food and when they leave the missionaries go and take the kid´s stuff animal and threaten him that if he doesn´t be good during the lesson they´ll cut the head off his teddy bear. So when the parents get back the kid is quiet and just listens and stuff like that. The parents are impressed with the message that brought peace to their kid and the house so they invite the missionaries to keep coming back every day. It was a pretty funny sketch. My comp was the kid and I was one of the missionaries with another Elder and the sister missionaries was the mom and the grandma. But turned out pretty good. The talent show was also really good and fun!

Sunday we had another open church program! I don´t have any time to write about the experiences that I had in the open church. But I was able to work with Elder Alcantara again because he is in the zone now. We went out to invite people to come to the activity in the church. And we found a couple that came with us and there is a part in the open church about baptism and when we got to that part they were just asking about baptism and how they could get baptized. It was pretty funny because all the missionaries in back were just laughing and baptizing and stuff like that because they were literally golden. So we found some baptism yesterday. Wish I could have explained the story a little better but I don´t have time to do so...

Speaking about comps in the zone we had a special transfer in the zone. Elder Reveko left and Elder Pineda came into the zone. So now I´m living again with Elder Pineda but not as his comp lol. Fun to see old comps! Back together with Elder Alcantara and Elder Pineda. 

Interviews also with President went well! Everythings going good. I always love talking to President! Also this week I´ll be seeing him again because we have to travel to Antofagasta again because it´s already May! So we´ll be traveling to Antofagasta for Leadership council at like 2 am Wednesday! Woo! 

It´s actually starting to get pretty cold here at night. Here in Alto Hospicio because we literally live on top of a mountain comes in clouds that block the view. It has started to happen but when it gets more winter time it gets pretty crazy what the people say. But night time here has been getting cold. The sweaters are coming out! But it´s still hot during the day. The climate is sucky. I think I´m starting to get sick again from the change of climates. It´s lame hot during the day and cold during the night.....

On the 14th is the skype call. Still don´t know what time. Well we can say pretty much any time that you guys want or that I´ll put. But time is definitely going by fast, the last skype call! I only have 7 more months to baptize and to bring more people unto Christ! Gotta work hard until the end!

Sounds like you guys definitely had a pretty busy and great week in Florida! I´m jealous! Hope that you guys had great time with the time that you have left on your vacation to Florida! Love you guys a ton! Wish I had more time to write!

Elder Newkirk

Pics: Sebastian´s Baptism
A pic from the open church activity!

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