Wednesday, May 24, 2017

week #73 - baptisms week

Hey! Yeah don´t have a ton of time to write to you guys this week! My time writing has just blown by because I have had a ton of stuff to do on the computer today and only a limited time to write!

But this week was really good! We had 3 baptisms! Juan Ibacache and his daughter Daniella got baptized. Also Daniela(Francisco´s wife) got baptized! Definitely seeing miracles passing here in Alto Hopicio working in the Lord´s vineyard! This week coming up if everything goes well Marcell and Luis might get baptized! They are definitely ready and everything but there are a couple complications for them but with faith I think they´ll get baptized this week!

Transfers passed. I´m staying here for another 6 weeks with Elder Lozano. Actually there weren´t a lot of transfers here in the zone. Only the sister missionaries changed and Elder Pineda and Elder Fernandez are going to train this transfer! So I´ll be living with Elder Pineda and a noobie which should be some fun! Happy that I get to stay here because there is a lot of success here and we have a ton of people to teach and to still baptize! Of all the families that we have been baptizing not all of them have gotten baptized so there are still a couple people that need to get baptized! But we definitely need to start to find more people because we have just been baptizing all our investigators so we´ve got to do a little white wash with our stock and find new people to start to teach. Stop passing by the people that haven´t been progressing a ton and do a white wash to find more people that are ready and ready to progress into the waters of baptism!

Here we normally have the same program and normally the members give talks. But actually I had to give a talk yesterday in sacrament meeting about how to be a friend with the investigators and new converts which was kind of a hard talk to give without giving palos to the members. But the talk went really well. But other than that we don´t really have to give a lot of talks or teach. The members here are really good and almost all of them have calling and stuff so we don´t have to do literally all the work here which is nice lol.

Sounds like you guys had a fun week! And sounds like this week coming up should be fun as well! Definitely send me some photos!

Actually my feet have been hurting a little bit while running because the shoes that I have aren´t that great for running because they´re only indoor soccer shoes.... Might want to get me a pair of shoes lol... But it´s not because I have bad feet like you guys..

Well other than that we´re just going to keep working hard! This week should just be a pretty normal week of just working and working with other missionaries in companion exchanges! Hope that you guys have a great week in the graduation and also in your family reunion! Love you guys a ton!

Elder Newkirk

Pics: Baptisms!!
Photo of the Zone Alto Hospicio!

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