Monday, April 24, 2017

week #69 -- normal week and companion exchanges

Hey, how´s it goin? Yeah I know, the lead off sentence is getting a little boring. I keep trying to think of something to put at first but yeah..... it´s just about the same everytime now.

My week was pretty normal actually. We were doing a lot of companion exchanges this week. We had like 3 exchanges this week. I was able to work with Elder Pezo, Elder Schmid, and Elder Eager this week. Elder Pezo and Elder Eager are 2 of the 3 district leaders of our zone so I was able to work a little with the district leader this week. Normally we do comp exchanges when we have to go and do baptism interviews or when we want to work with the other missionaries to see how they are doing and everything. So it was a pretty busy week with working with other missionaries and doing interviews for a couple other sectors. I was able to also go to Pozo Almonte this week which is a small city that is like 30 mins from Hospicio with Elder Schmid. I was able to do a couple of baptism interviews for them this week which is always fun doing. I like to do interviews with people that are preparing or need a little help preparing to be baptized!

Other than that my week has been just a week of working hard to make sure that we have some baptisms coming up this weekend. We should be having at least one baptism. Sebastian is all good to go for this weekend. We also have another couple that came to church this week who also could get baptized if everything works out well. Marcell and Luis. Also the Ibacache family didn´t come to church this weekend..... Which was kinda lame. We passed by their house Saturday night to make sure that everything was good for Sunday. They ended up doing a bbq Saturday night and woke up late Sunday and didn´t make it to church..... But it doesn´t really surprise me now.. I´m kinda used to it but oh well there is always next week. Just have to keep moving forward with faith!

But yeah that was pretty much my week this week. Just trying to find more people to teach and as well prepare people to get baptized this week as well. It´s just a never ending cycle of finding and baptizing and trying to help people progress and all that good stuff.  But other than that just working hard with members and just being a missionary.

Something that I really realized this week as I have been studying and as well just thinking is that the only reason why I´m here on the mission is to help people to be baptized. A lot of people think that missionaries are just there to talk about God and stuff like that but anyone can talk about God before and also after the mission. When one is in the mission it is the only time when you have the keys to open up the door to eternal life. Also something that I learned this week is that a less active is in a better state then someone who has never been baptized. One because one who is baptized still has the gift of the Holy Ghost so at one point or another God will give another chance for them to come back to church through the Holy Ghost. Also people will still have the chance to change in the other world and it is a lot better if one is baptized then one who isn´t. Because the one who isn´t will have to wait until one of us here on earth to do that ordinance for them. Idk just a couple things that I have been thinking about this week that I thought that I might share with you guys.

Good luck in Florida this week! Hope everything goes well! I imagine that you guys will have some fun down there!

The census was good this week. We actually got counted pretty early. At like 11 we were already good to go and work like normal. But I think that there were some people that pretty much just had to wait in their house all day long lol. That would have been lame if that happened to us.

But yeah other than that my week should be a pretty good one. We´ve got interviews with president this week also we got another open church program coming up this Sunday which should also be some fun!

I´ll stay as ZL as long as the Lord wants me to be lol. I could go and train as well because I still haven´t trained anyone....... Man I want to be a papito and have a son lol.. But I´ll go wherever the Lord wants me to go!

Love you guys a ton!!

Elder Newkirk

Pics: Found a Nacho Libre bike so I had to take a pic with it lol

We were in a elevator and they wanted to take a pic with the mirror... lol (Yo, Elder Pezo, Elder Lozano, y Elder Fernandez)

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