Tuesday, April 18, 2017

week #68 -- preparing a new family for baptism!

Que pasa con vo loco! Soy chorro loco! There´s a little chilanese for ya lol.

It´s always awesome baptizing a family! I love to see the whole process of someone being baptized! From finding to teaching to bringing them to church to baptizing! We should have some more coming up soon as well! 100% we will have some baptisms for the 29th! There are actually quite a few people that we are helping to prepare for the 29th. Also another family of 4 as well!! The Ibacache family! Also a little girl called Ashley whose family are all less actives. We are going to bring them back to church and baptize the girl. Also we have Sebastian who´s 19 and a friend of a convert who wants to be baptized as well! Also Freddy who is married with a less active that have been going to church for like 3 Sunday´s. I honestly didn´t know that he was an investigator and I thought it was from the sister missionaries but then we sat and talked with him but he lives in our sector and isn´t baptized! So we are going to be teaching him so that he can be baptized ASAP! So there is definitely a ton of work to do with a ton of other investigators that are still really good. But these are all the people that could be baptized real soon!

We actually had an awesome lesson with the Ibacache family yesterday. Juan who is the dad of the family has been listening to the missionaries for a while but idk why but the missionaries just stopped visited him and his family. So we have started to teach them again. But yesterday in the lesson we taught about the Plan of Salvation. The mom, Ana, was a little sick and after the lesson Juan asked if we could give a blessing to her. So we gave her a blessing and after the blessing she started to cry and felt the spirit strong. It was pretty cool. We then put another appointment for tonight. Juan called us today to tell us that his wife wasn´t sick and that the blessing worked and to make sure that we were coming to his house tonight to share something again lol. It was pretty cool! That´s probably like the first time that an investigator has called me to make sure that we were good to pass by lol. But they are definitely a great family! We just got to get the whole family to church and then to baptism!!

Other than that this week has actually been really really good. Elder Lozano and I have been working a ton! Elder Lozano is super good and super crazy haha. He talks with everyone and is super awesome at teaching people. Definitely have a gift! But I have definitely been enjoying working with Elder Lozano! Definitely a busy bee! I´m super used to working with latinos lol. Every single one of my comps have been latinos... The only time I´ve had gringo comps was in the MTC with Elder Wild and Elder Jennings... So I really don´t know what it´s like to have a gringo comp.. lol . But it really doesn´t matter who your comp is if they want to work and are focued in the work. Now that I´m a ZL it´s pretty hard to get a bad comp now lol..

Easter Sunday was good. It really isn´t a huge holiday here in Chile. They don´t celebrate it as much as we do in the States. Like they don´t do Easter egg hunts or anything like that. Just some chocolates and stuff like that. But it was just a normal day of working and visiting people..

Actually this Wednesday coming up we have a nation wide census. Which is when they go door to door counting the families and stuff like that. So we have to stay in the house until the people pass by and then we can go out and start to work. So hopefully the people pass by early so that we can get out and work!!

Yeah it´s always lame to get sick in the mission. But I´m pretty sure that it was just something that I ate but idk because my comp didn´t get sick.

Yeah we live with another companionship. Elder Reveko from Chile and Elder Rodriguez from Argentina. I´m pretty sure that I´m losing my english. I find it a lot easier to talk in spanish now instead of english. I feel weird speaking in English.

Well I´m out of time like usual! Love you guys a ton!! Hope you guys have a great week!

Elder Newkirk

Pic: The only pic that I took this week. With my comp Elder Lozano

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