Monday, April 3, 2017

week #66 -- conference weekend! Many great talks!


My week was actually pretty awesome especially with conference! This weekends conference was super awesome! It talked a ton about discipleship and the consecration! Also a lot about the plan of salvation and the Lord Jesus Christ and his Atonement! It was super awesome and you guys definitely have to see it! My favorite talk from general conference was from Elder Sabin. He talked about going all in with the Gospel. That we pretty much just have to go all in and we can´t only go partly in. There is only hot and cold, there isn´t an in between. I also liked the talk from Elder Bragg. Actually Elder Bragg came to visit our mission last year, it was pretty cool to see him talk in conference someone that you got to know in person. I also really enjoyed the talk from Elder Uchtdorf in the Priesthood session about leadership in the church. There are a ton of other talks that I loved as well but those are the ones that came to my mind because I don´t have all my notes with me but I have all the talks downloaded to start to listen to them again during the week. But the conference was really really good.

Other than that this week there wasn´t that much. There was another Chile game that happened on Tuesday that we watched the second half with another family that are listening to the gospel! Vamos Chile! They won 3-1! But don´t worry we have permission to watch the games with investigators and if we are being productive! Don´t worry I´m not disobedient lol! It´s just that literally everyone is watching the game when there is a game so it´s a lot more productive to watch the game with investigators and share something during half time or something and also to have a better relationship with the people then to be just in the street walking around with absolutely no one in the street and no one that will let us in lol.

Other than that it was just a week of just working and helping out a couple of sectors. But that was pretty much it! Tonight I´m going to Antofagasta again at like 3am so that should be fun! lol! We have to head down to Iquique super early to be able to catch our bus then head out to Antofa like 5-6 hours. So I should see if I get my package tomorrow or no!

Also this weekend me and my comp got a little sick. We ate something bad at lunch on Saturday and Sunday we woke up pretty dead. But today we are feeling a lot better and almost normal. Some stomach problems, but I feel like it´s starting to get a little normal now lol. But this weekend it was pretty bad... But we all good now! Ready to work and to baptize! TA!

Sounds like you guys had a pretty busy week as well! But sounds like you guys had fun! The only thing is that you missed conference! You have to listen to it this week!

Zofri is awesome! It is huge!! It´s like a black market but it´s legal so don´t worry lol. But one could seriously spend all day in Zofri looking at things that you didn´t even know exsisted! But it´s really cool! But there is a ton of awesome stuff. Like there is a small drone with a camera for like 60 bucks but it is really cool. Idk there is just a ton of different stuff that one could buy.

Pday was pretty chill. Nothing much happened. Just eating and writing and buying. The good old Pday lol. I think we are going to go and do some bowling soon which should be fun.

Hope that you guys have a great week! Love you a ton!!

Elder Newkirk

Pics: There´s a completo joint that´s called The Lord of the Completos with a pic of Golem with a completo which was pretty funny so I took a pic.

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