Monday, April 10, 2017

week #67 -- Baustimo TA!

Hey how´s it going? Espero que bien! Would be correct lol! (not muy bueno espero) Pero HAY BAUTISMO that happened this weekend!!!!

My week last week was pretty crazy but a good week! This last week that happened was the last week of this transfer and there were some changes! I´m now with a new comp! I´m with Elder Lozano! He was my zone leader like 6 weeks ago and now he´s my comp! I mentioned him before when he went to work in my sector and did a ton of work. So now I get to be his comp! He´s from Peru as well! I have a ton of comps from Peru. Well all my comps have been latinos, so still waiting until I have a gringo comp lol. 

But the trip down the Antofagasta was good. We went down to leadership council with all the zone leaders and president. There is leadership council every first part of the month, so every month I have to travel to Antofagasta. It was actually really good. We had some good discussions about a lot of differnent stuff. We talked about general conference and a few other things like the spirit and the importance that it has in the work. We have to make it so that the investigatores can feel the spirit and we talked a little about the obedience and that how it brings the spirit. First we have to bring the spirit in our life then to everyone else. We also talked about the promise and the talk from President Monson about the Book of Mormon. I also extend the invitation to you guys to read the book of Mormon every single day if you aren´t doing so! It is something that a prophet of God has told us to do, so we should definitely do it!! 

Then Wednesday and Thursday we worked and were preparing our baptism this weekend that happened! Friday I got super sick.... I woke up at 4 am throwing up... So that was fun. I was in bed all day with fever and everything. Saturday I went to the doctor but he told me that the bug that I had my body already got rid of it. Saturday I was a lot better and just was a little weak. 

Saturday in the afternoon we had our baptism of the Rodriguez Crisostomo family!! Candy, Luis, and their daughter Lidia!! It was the girl that I contacted like 2 weeks ago in the street! They all got baptized this weekend!! It was super awesome! We also baptized with the other missionaries that are from another branch that actually live with us as well! It was pretty awesome! I have seen a ton of miracles here in Alto Hospicio, with Elder Cordova! There is a lot success here! All the members are super awesome as well! Now we´re just going to do even more work here with Elder Lozano! We have to renew our stock a little bit now because we´ve pretty much baptized almost everyone. There are still quite a few that we are working with but we´ll see what happenes! But we´re just going to keep going with faith to find the people that the Lord is preparing for us! 

Then on Sunday my comp was just saying his goodbyes to the members and also the converts and stuff like that! There are a lot of photos to send!!

Yeah completos are pretty much hot dogs with tomato and avocado lol. Idk I´ve tried a ton of new things lol but I honestly don´t remember a ton but yes I have tried a few new things. 

I haven´t been able to do a ton of exploring still but here one of these pdays with Elder Lozano we´ll get out there and do some exploring! 

Yeah we have Easter this week! Easter is quite big here. The week before Easter, this week.. They have something called semana santa, or holy week. Where everywhere on tv has movies about Jesus Christ and stuff like that. But yeah they celebrate Easter here. 

Well I hope that you guys have a great week! This week will be pretty interesting guiding a new sector that I don´t know a lot about still haha! But should be a good week of working!! Love you guys a ton!! 

Elder Newkirk

Pics: Del Bautismo! TA!

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