Monday, October 31, 2016

week #44 - Slow week, but still working hard to get things done!

Hello, what´s your name? 1, 2, 3. How are you? Well that´s what I hear a lot here in Chile in English from almost everyone haha.

No this week was pretty good. Another week a little slow. Not too much work, well I mean we are working hard everyday but just a little hard to get things done. It felt like a lot was just falling but it was still a good week. Yesterday was good though, we had 4 investigators in church yesterday. Cambri and Matias(Yerack´s and Carlitos´s brother and sister, who still aren´t baptized), Valeria, and Barbara. So that was good that they came to church! It´s a little hard for people to get up in the morning and go to church. A lot of people don´t have the habit of getting up early on Sunday´s to go to church, so it makes it a little hard.

Yup another cambio here in Tal-Tal, should be a good one. Elder Jaramillo´s new companion is pretty cool his name is Elder Oliveira. He´s pretty funny and jokes around a lot which makes things a little fun.

Most recently I have been seeing the hand of the Lord more and more in his vineyard. For example this week another miracle(well I think it´s a miracle) happened. Valeria, who is one of our investigators, is living with her husband(well not really her husband because they´re not married) who is a member of the church(Rodrigo). They have started coming back to church and participating again. Valeria hasn´t wanted to get married with Rodrigo because she was scared of getting married with him. But yesterday we heard that they were planning on getting a date soon to get married so that she can get baptized. We honestly didn´t do like anything but they are progressing and planning on getting married now! It´s cool to see how the people change thanks to the Spirit and that hand of the Lord.

We come into contact with a lot of people that the Lord is preparing everyday. But everyone has their agency to choose whether or not to accept. It´s sad because we have what everyone in the world is looking for but there are a lot who don´t accept it or who don´t find it. That´s why we have to be ready in every moment to share the gospel. I have learned a lot about this on the mission. Before the mission I don´t think I really shared, shared the gospel with anyone. I think of all the opportunities that I missed and maybe the opportunity that I had to change someones life or to help them receive salvation and live with their heavenly father again with their families.... 😶

The weather here has been starting to change a lot. A lot of sun and a lot of sunscreen. It has been getting pretty hot during the day and cool in the nights. Just wait until it´s hot all day long even at night... 😓 but yeah I have burned just a little bit, but not too bad. A little tan as well, even though I don´t tan like at all. I do have a line though when I wear normal shirts from my white shirts that I wear everyday.

Yeah in Tal-Tal it´s ocean to mountain. So there is a little climbing throughout the day. Definitely keeping me in some shape. Normally I´m pretty tired to do a lot of exercise or workouts in the morning but if I do anything I just lift some weights, pushups, situps, the normal. We have also been playing a little of sports. Like today in the morning we played some soccer but as missionaries we can only play as goalies. Also this Friday we´ll be playing some Basketball for a change!! Finally!!! There are a lot of youth in the branch that play and the President asked if I could go to mutual to play a little with them and maybe teach them a few things which should be pretty fun!

Hey Happy Birthday Hailey!! Hope you had a great 16th. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! That would be cool if you guys got some passes to go up snowboarding this season. Definitely miss the snow here and wish I could go as well!

I honestly have no clue about elections that happened here. I only saw like a ton of different signs of people running for different positions and after voting the people doing a caravan of cars honking horns for the person that won. So next Tuesday are the elections? Sounds like it should be pretty crazy. I haven´t heard too much about it but I have heard a little bit. Hope that we get some good leadership as well!

That´s cool that Damonte is 1st in their divisional, hope they do well in playoffs!

Well this week should hopefully be a good one! I also hope that you guys have a great week! Love you guys!!!!

Elder Newkirk!😎

This is a giant whale bone that a dude has outside of his house that I took a pic of as well. It´s like a chest piece of a whale.

Elder Pineda and I when we went over to the Puntilla, in the back is where all the fishing boats are and it was a pretty cool view.

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