Monday, October 17, 2016

week #42 - baptism of Ivette - 14 member lessons goal accomplished

Eyyy, your Spanish actually wasn´t that bad at all!

Pero FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS Dad!!Grinning face with smiling eyes Hey hope you have a great birthday!! Save me some cake!Birthday cakeBirthday cakeBirthday cake

Umm, about Moses.. Looks like I spoke a little too soon because we learned this week that he really doesn´t live where we were teaching him. He lives in the other sector of Tal-Tal...Pensive face We found him while he was in his uncles/mom´s house but he really doesn´t live there. So he´ll be taught by the other missionaries. But hey he´s still really great! 

Also this week we had Ivette´s baptism!! It was awesome! Ivette is super good in the church and already has a calling. The only thing is that Elder Abalos stole my baptism and baptized her. She chose him to baptize her because he was "the first missionary that she got to know." But at least I was able to do the baptism by fire! But yeah everything went well in Ivette´s baptism!

Also this weekend I did my first baptismal interview. As district leader you have to do the baptism interviews of the other missionaries in your district. So I was able to do one this weekend because the other missionaries will be baptizing this week. It was pretty cool to do an interview.

Another awesome thing that happened this week is that we had 14 lessons with a member present. As a mission we put a goal to have 14 lessons with members every week and this week we actually hit it. We have been working a lot with the members here. The members here are super awesome and are willing to go out and leave with the missionaries. We were also able to do a division this week. A division is when me and my comp split up and leave with a member older than 16 to do visits. It makes it so we can visit a lot more people and get a lot more work done. But we have been working pretty hard here in Tal-Tal.

Sounds like you´re having a good time with the motorcycle. Sounds like fun riding around Lake Tahoe and everything! Thanks for the pic as well!

Well on the mission I´m not suppose to read other materials other than the list. Remember the 4 books that we bought. I´m suppose to focus my studies on the scriptures, preach my gospel, and the missionary library(which is those 4 books). But definitely after the mission I want to read some books and stuff and learn more doctrine haha. But if you want to pass it to me on onedrive you can. But the thing is, is that I still haven´t found my usb. I'm  thinking that I´ll try to buy a new one.

Yeah the last fishing trip, like all the fish were pretty small. Guess it just wasn´t a good day to fish. But yeah Elder Jaramillo did a good job cutting my hair. Hey it was free haha..

So we got transfers coming up this Saturday. I have a chance to be leaving but I also have a chance to stay here. I guess we´ll see what happens next week. But if I get transfered I´ll be leaving Monday to my new sector. But only God knows right. I actually really like it here in Tal-Tal. I would honestly be fine with staying here and I would also be fine with leaving to get to know a new sector and new people.

Hope you guys have a good week! Love you guys!

Elder Newkirk

Elder Abalos stealing my baptism

Pic of us after seminary eating ice cream.

baptism of Ivette

Here´s a video of a magic trick that we will be doing for the branch talent show. Don´t ask me how it works because I don´t even know how it works haha. The talent show will be at the end on October so hopefully I´ll be able to stick around for the talent show!

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