Monday, October 24, 2016

week #43 - Still in TalTal -- finding a golden investigator.

Hey como estan? 

No transfers for me this one! I´m going to stay here in Tal-Tal with Elder Pineda again. 6 more weeks. But there was a transfer in our house. Elder Abalos went off to Iquique as zone leader. Elder Jaramillo´s new comp is a brazilian. He was in my zone in Antofa but I didn´t get to know him that well. Anyways that´s what happened with the transfers here. 

Not too much happened this week. Just going out and hitting the pavement and working.

So I don´t remember if I told you guys before or anything but my comp, since he´s been here, has a bad ankle from playing soccer. So for these past weeks we have been going to a physical trainer who has been seeing my comp for free. I´m pretty sure I´ve told you this. But anyways we started talking a little bit about the church and about religion and stuff. Then he started telling his opinion on how Jesus is the savior of the world and that he believed that he came and visited the Americas, he was pretty much explaining the Book of Mormon. It was really crazy because he pretty much said it right on the dot. This is the first time that this has happened in my mission. So we left him to read in 3 Nephi 11 where Jesus is coming down to the Americas. We passed by the next day and he said that he read all of it and even more. 2 pages back and 2 pages forward to get more context. Now that almost never happens. Not to criticize the Chileans or anything but almost never do the people keep their commitments to read or do anything. So that put us in shock once again. It´s really weird how prepared the Lord has made this investigator, Guierrmo is his name. So we´ll see what happens with this investigator but he´s pretty awesome!

Also this week we had a activity for seminary in the beach. It was pretty fun but there was a dead sea lion on the beach so my comp and I took a selfie with it. It was a pretty fun activity. We planned like a treasure hunt type thing with the dominios(forgot the word in English).

But other than that this week has been pretty normal. The sunday school class got canceled this week for the elections which was weird, the first time I´ve seen sunday school and qourums canceled. But the streets got pretty crazy after everyone figured out who got elected. 

This week we have the talent show but other than that, that´s about it. Not a lot going on here. Sorry I don´t have like any time to write today so I´ll just leave it here. We´ve got to go pick up Elder Jaramillos new comp.

But looks like you had a great week! And hope you have a good one this week. Also Happy Birthday Hailey on Sunday!! Hope you have a fun party!!😁 Love you guys!!

Elder Newkirk

Last district meeting of this transfer with the group of 4. Elder Jaramillo, Abalos and Pineda!

We left out working with one of the youth in the branch. Carlitos or Carlos. It´s Yerack´s brother.

With the dead sea lion

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