Monday, October 10, 2016

week #41 Fishing and a haircut!

Hey whats up?

This week was pretty sweet. Not too much happened but we actually found a lot of new people to start teaching. Me and my comp have been working really hard here and we have started to see a lot of blessings and miracles going on here in Tal-Tal. We have started to work a lot more with the members here and a lot of them have been leaving with us to go visit people which has been really cool. 

This week we found 7 new people to start teaching. One of them that we met this week is a teenager who is 17. His name is Moses. We met him knocking on the door for one of his family members who was a member of the church but we ended up going in and sharing with him. He and his family are a part of a Evangelist church which is called like the Brazilian mission church. Idk it has a weird name. But anyways this church he said that he was planning to serve a mission. Then we asked him if he wanted to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ. From there he was interested and we taught him about the Restoration. He told us that he was going to fast and ask God if the Book of Mormon was true and if this really is the Church of Jesus Christ. The first time that anyone has ever been so receptive and willing, to the point of fasting! It was really cool! We haven´t been able to follow up on what happened yet because he went on a trip to ConcepciĆ³n with his Church. So let´s hope that everything went well!
The other people that we started teaching this week have also been pretty good but nothing really worth sharing haha. 

Like you said about my comp. It´s a great trait to talk to everyone but there´s also sort of a limit not to scare people and I don´t think my comp knows that limit sometimes... But maybe that´s why we have been able to find a lot more new people to teach haha... Every comp has their good traits and I have learned a lot from every comp that I´ve had. But I mean that´s how it is.

Sounds like you guys had a pretty fun week with Mom´s birthday and going to a pumpkin patch. But I didn´t get any pics of the pumpkin patch trip that you guys had but I did get a pic of Mom´s birthday dinner. Wish I could have been there! 

Not any service projects this week but I think me and my comp will be planning on doing some service soon in a auto shop to work on some autos which should be a lot of fun. Also to be able to learn some new things. We have a member who is starting to come back to church who has an auto shop and told us that we could come over whenever we wanted to help him out. But the service that we usually do is pretty fun!

From what Elder Abalos told me is only the little kids do Halloween. Apparently not a lot of teens do it. But I guess I´ll find out when Halloween comes around. But I do know that our mamita is making come costumes for her daughters so I imagine that they somewhat celebrate it.

Have fun at Homecoming Hailey! Should be fun! Hope that Damonte wins their homecoming game!

Great idea to listen to the conference talks again! I started to do that as well but I miss placed my USB with the talks on it and haven´t been able to find it so I haven´t been able to listen to a lot of the talks yet. Hopefully I´ll be able to find my USB this week so that I´ll be able to listen to the talks as well! 

Hope that you guys have a great week! Love you guys a ton!

Elder Newkirk
So we went fishing again this morning with the first councelor in the branch and our branch mision leader. There´s a pic of me almost kissing a fish with Jesus(Branch mision leader) holding the fish. Also a pretty cool pic of the sun rays showering over Tal-Tal.

 I got my haircut last week by Elder Jaramillo. None of the haircut places were open and I really needed a haircut. Elder Jaramillo told me that he has cut hair a couple times before so I decided to put my trust in him and he cut my hair. There is a before and after pic. But he actually cut my hair really well!

Me and my comp have another investigator that has his own gym and does physical therapy. We decided to visit him this week to look at my comps ankle because it has still been hurting him a little. So we went over there and he did some muscle strengthening stuff with this machine which was pretty funny because my comp was yelling because it felt weird and hurt a little. I took a video of it hahah. Also there was a basketball coach at the gym that I started talking to and he pretty much wanted to draft me to play on his champion league team haha. I told him that I wish I could!

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