Tuesday, November 8, 2016

week#45 -- heading to Chanarel for a zone activity.

Hey just going to write this real fast because our bus leaves to Chañaral in like 15 minutes! We are heading down to Chañaral today to do an activity with the zone, have another bbq and play soccer! I`ll try and get on a computer down there to be able to actually write you but we`ll see if I have time down there! But I`ll send you the photos now from this week!

Everything is going good here and we had a decent week. It was still kinda just a normal week but we worked really well this week.

The pics that I`m going to send is from Halloween last week. Actually there were a lot of kids and people out trick or treating. This is with the family Becerra. We passed by because we were close to their house and they were all preparing to leave to go trick or treating so we took a couple photos.

The other photo is when we played basketball. Brother Chavez, or Edwin, actually plays decently. But I pretty much just dominated the floor. But it was a lot of fun playing with all the youth. Guierrmo`s kid also came to play with us, his name is Willie. He`s pretty cool as well! 

But yeah it`s about that time for the bus to go so I can`t write anymore right now but I`m going to try to write a little bit more there in Chañaral so we`ll see! but if not just know that I`m all good and that everything is going well!

Thanks for the updates on the NBA. Sounds like it should be a pretty good season! Wish I could watch it! Go Thunder!

But yeah if I don`t have time in Chañeral to write, Love you guys and hope you have an amazing week!

Elder Newkirk

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