Monday, November 21, 2016

week #47 - God is a God of miracles!


Well not going to lie this week was pretty boring and kinda stressful. We have been trying to work really hard so that we can baptize this month but it just seems like everything is going against us. I feel good about the work that I`m doing and feel like I am working harder than I ever have in my mission but it`s hard because I haven`t seen the fruits. But you just gotta keep working and trying. God is a God of miracles, just have to go with faith this next week that we can have a baptism. I hoping that Kambry and Matias will be baptized soon. They are Yerack and Carlitos`s little brother and sister who still aren`t baptized. Their parent won`t let them get baptized and told us that they have to wait until they are older to be able to decide. Kambry is 9 and Matias is 11. We have been working a lot with them and I feel like now is finally the time and I feel like they`re pretty close to getting baptized.

Tuesday we watched the Chile game with a investigator which was pretty funny. We went to Gielberto`s house because he is an old dude who lives alone and we have permission to watch Chile play if we watch with investigators or if it has a mission purpose. So we just went over to his house to watch it because he didn`t have anyone there to watch the game with him. But it was pretty funny because my comp got pretty into the game. But Chile ended up winning, Alexis Sanchez had some pretty awesome goals. Vamos Chile! Chi-Chi-Chi Le-Le-Le viva Chile!

Also on Saturday the other missionaries had a baptism and my convert, Yerack, baptized! He baptized his girlfriend, Javiera, who I was able to interview. Don`t worry I made sure that she wasn`t just getting baptized for her bf haha. But no she`s super awesome as well and gained a testimony. Also Yerack bore his testimony in the baptism and told everyone that he didn`t convince her at all or talk too much to her about it and that she actually made the decision. But it was funny because that was the first thing that he said when he got up to share his testimony. But it was awesome to see one of my converts baptizing someone else!

Other than that this week has just been some walking and contacting and teaching and just the normal week. We found some good people to start teaching this week as well. We passed our goal of contacts in the street a lot this week as well, we ended up contacting 59 people which was pretty cool as well. Hopefully one of those 59 we`ll be able to teach and will end up member of the church.

Yesterday was also the primary program. It was actually really cool and a little different because there aren`t as many kids. All of them gave like short 1-2 min talks with singing in between but they tied together and lot of stuff and it was really well. They also decorated the sacrament room which was pretty cool. I took some photos after wards so you`ll be able to see. But it was probably one of the best primary programs that I`ve seen, not gunna lie.

The reason I said I might not get my package before is because we only receive packages every first of the month. Ever first thursday of every month the Zone Leaders have leadership training in Antofagasta(in the mission office). And then when the Zone leaders return they bring all the packages and give out the packages to us. So that`s why if it doesn`t get in before leadership training then I`ll get it in January, the next leadership training. Hopefully that makes a little sense haha.

Last week when we ate with the sister in the mountain we had a member bring us up there haha. There`s no way I`m walking up that. It would probably take us like a good hour walking.

Yeah Ping-Pong is pretty popular down here. There are a lot of youth that play so we normally have an activity every week to invite youth and investigators to play. We do like tournaments and doubles and stuff. It is a lot of fun because there are a lof of people who play really well. I have improved a ton haha.

I hope that you guys have a great Thanksgiving weekend! They don`t celebrate Thanksgiving here so send me some turkey! Hope that you guys have a great time in Boise this weekend with the family! Love you guys!

Elder Newkirk

Primary program

Primary program

Primary program

Selfie with Gielberto

The District

Funny pic of Carlitos

Javiera`s Baptism!

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