Monday, November 28, 2016

week #48 - Light the World initiative!

How`s it going?! Hope that you guys had a great Thanksgiving weekend! From what I saw looks like you guys had a good time! Well they don`t celebrate Thanksgiving here so I definitely missed out! Holidays here in the mish seem just like normal days, it`s kinda weird.

My week was alright. Every single day this week we had an activity in the church to prepare for branch conference. On Tuesday we had an activity from Elder`s quorum about family history. Since we are counselors in Elder`s quorum we had to help out a lot with that. It was pretty interesting, I learned a lot more about family history work! It`s pretty hard for the members to head down to Santiago to go to the temple. A couple times they do a trip as a branch to go to the temple but it`s pretty hard for the members to make it down to the temple. Then on Friday we had the activity from the missionaries. We did who wants to be a millionaire with questions about the scriptures and stuff. It was actually a lot of fun. Elder Jaramillo and Elder Oliveira dressed up and everything which was kinda funny. There`s a pic of the activity. A lot of the youth showed up and not a lot of the adults. It was pretty much a mutual activity.... But yeah that was the fun/good part of my week.

Not going to lie the rest of the week was kinda lame. We made a list of people who could be ready to be baptized and made plans for every one of them but everything fell.. Also I haven`t been super united with my comp either. He has a lot of different thoughts about the work than I do. He`s also a little different and he knows/admits that he doesn`t have common sense.. We`re good friends and everything but we`re just really different and think differently. But he`s a good missionary and a great guy.

Also this week the new initiative from the church came out for Christmas so we`ve been showing the video to a lot of people. It is a really awesome video so if you haven`t seen it yet you should! It`s called "light the world". The church is doing like 25 days of service or 25 ways in how we can be like Christ. It`s actually really cool! Light the World

This next week coming up are transfers! So we`ll see if I leave from Tal-Tal or if there are any changes this next week. I`ve been here in Tal-Tal for quite a while so we`ll see what happens! Maybe next week I`ll be writing you guys in a new city!

Oh I forgot to write as well about a crazy story that happened to us this Monday. So last Monday we actually went down to ChaƱaral again to play soccer with the zone. So we got down there in time, this time. We played soccer and had a good time with the zone and then we went to turbus to take the bus back home, everything all good. Then we looked at our tickets and they said 6:55 so we arrived on time but.... The tickets were for 6:55 in the morning! The office bought the wrong tickets and bought them for the next day in the morning. Well we also can`t sleep in the church or anything so the office told us to look for a member or for a hotel. We ended up finally finding a member who let us sleep in his house for the night. He was a really cool dude. His name is Raul Johnson and we talked a lot with him that night. He does harpoon fishing and catches huge fish. He was really cool and it was pretty fun to talk with him. He also has a daughter who lives there in the states, in Atlanta, who is also a member. But yeah we made it back home in time and everything is good now.

Also we are kinda out of money here in our pension. We had to buy our tickets to travel a couple weeks ago and we still haven`t received this money back from the office so we are completely out of money.... I have been living off of oatmeal and rice pretty much haha. Well at least we have our mamita for lunch haha. It`s been pretty interesting but also kinda lame as well. I feel like there are a lot of trials going on right now. But I`ve gotta be thankful for them right?

Well hopefully this next week will be a better one! Hope that you guys have a great week as well! Love you guys a ton!

Elder Newkirk


The Christmas decorations are starting to go up!

Friday`s "Who Wants to be a Millionare" Activity!

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