Monday, December 5, 2016

week #49 - return to Antofagasta - new sector.

Yeah I´m just going to translate what you said because it´s kinda funny.. You said hey how´s it going? I hope to go good.... haha
Nice try😅

Well I had a great last week in Tal-Tal! Right now I am writing in a city that I´ve already been! Yup that´s right, I got transferred back to Antofagasta! Out of all the city's and zones I got put back right into the same zone that I started but in a different sector. I´m actually excited to be able to work again in Antofa but work in another sector. I´ll also probably be able to visit a few people that I visited before in my old sector on P-day or something.

But yeah everything is going good for me and don´t worry I have money now! And I´m also not in a super expensive place like Tal-Tal. Things here in Antofa are still expensive but don´t as bad as Tal-Tal!

Well I didn´t receive the Christmas package yet but the good news is, is that I´m in Antofagasta so when the package gets in I´ll be able to head down to the office to pick it up. Also we have a Christmas conference coming up in a couple weeks where I´ll also be able to pick up my package! So I should be able to get it before Christmas.

Well my last week in Tal-Tal was pretty good. We worked pretty well this last week. Also yesterday I was able to say bye to a lot of people and take pictures with them. It was kinda sad but it was good. Well I hope to see a lot of these people in the celestial kingdom one day! I´m sending a ton of pics that I took with people yesterday. There are also some more but I´m just going to send these ones!

But yeah this week was good just a normal week of on the streets working and visiting people. Also on Friday we had an comp exchange and I went with Elder Oliveira to his sector to work for the day. We had a good day together and we taught a lot of people. We taught in like 5 different lessons and I also did a baptism interview which was awesome. I really like to do baptism interviews! But it was overall a good week.

Oh I forgot to mention. My new comp is Elder Robles from Peru. He seems like a really chill guy and is pretty cool. I´m excited to be comps with him and be able to work here in Antofa again. My sector now isn´t too far for my first sector. A little bit more north. But should be good here!

Hope that everything goes well down there in Sacramento this weekend for Hailey´s competition! Good Luck Hailey!!

Haha a lot of missionaries put there thumbs to the side because it´s like a baptism symbol. I don´t know where it started but a ton of missionaries do it. I do it sometimes as well haha.

But like you said trials are good for us. In the end they will help us progress and I have actually learned a ton from the trials that I have had. Looking back, the moments where I have learned the most in my mission have been in times of trial. Just have to be thankful for trials and remember the promise that the Lord will never put something in your life that will never be too hard to overcome. Every trial that we receive we can overcome and there is nothing impossible.

Well there is a new mission rule where we only have 1 hour on the computer on P-day so that means that I have to write super fast and everything and I don´t have like any time to write or do anything! But I´m jealous that you guys got to see the new Fantastic Beasts movie! Definitely miss movies! I actually saw the Captain America movie in TurBus today. I was just sitting there in the bus alone(alone as in the only missionary) and boom they put on the Captain America movie, Civil War.... So I saw parts of that haha. But yeah I´m definitely missing out on a lot of movies and I´ll have to see them when I come home haha.

Well I´m out of time and I hope that you guys have a great week! Love you guys a ton!!​

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