Monday, December 19, 2016

week #51 -- baptisms this week.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Well this week was actually a decent week. Pretty busy with some things to do! We also had 2 baptisms this weekend! Claudia and her son, Benjamin!

Monday-Thursday this week was pretty chill. Just working and contacting people to start to teach. My comp doesn´t have a ton of time here in this sector so he doesn´t know the sector all that well either so we have been just trying to find new people to start teaching. That´s our main goal right now is just finding new people to teach. We are also going to start working more with the members here so that we´ll be able to find more people to teach through them. Elder Bednar said that the missionaries are full time teachers and the members are full time finders! We have actually been working with a lot of different families as well that we contacted in the street and have been starting to teach and they are all super awesome! But.... The problem here in Chile is that a lot of people aren´t married but live together and have their family. It´s a little more complicated here in Chile to get married because you have to go to the civil registry and take out a date to get married which takes a lot of time... Like 6 months... So we have to have a lot of miracles with marriage! Not being married but having a family is super common and normal here which kinda sucks...

Friday we pretty much just worked in La Chimba all day to talk with some converts and with some other investigators. There are a lot of youth who live out there in La Chimba who have been going to church and are converts. A lot of their parents are also pretty cool but.... not married of course.. La Chimba is actually pretty fun to work in even though it´s pretty dirty and there are a lot of dirty dogs roaming around as well but it´s fun!

Saturday we had our baptism! Claudia and Benjamin got baptized. It was a pretty cool baptism and a lot of the members supported us there. It was kinda funny, so I baptized Benjamin but he was scared of the water and took him a while to enter in haha. He finally got in and we were ready. Then when I baptized him he lifted his leg out of the water so I had to do it again. Then again...(Because the same thing happened) Then finally the third time I just dunked him hard in the water so that he wouldn´t lift his foot up haha. Then after he got baptized his mom got baptized. Benjamin wanted to see his mom get baptized as well so I let him see. After she got baptized the first time(because nothing left the water) her son yelled out "Mom you got to do it the second time!" hahaha. It was pretty funny. But yeah everything went well in the baptism! Benjamin actually didn´t get confirmed this Sunday because he was sick and throwing up but next Sunday we should be confirming him. But yeah everything went well.

Then this Sunday we helped out the Zone Leaders a lot in their baptism so we lost a lot of time working this weekend.

But yeah that was my week this week!

That´s nice that you guys will be able to get a little break in there for the holidays! Hope that you guys enjoy the breaks!

Well I only have 10 more mins to write so I´m going to make this a little quick!

I´m excited to be able to Skype with you guys this Sunday! I should be online at like 7pm here in Chile on Sunday. I honestly have no clue what time that would be for you guys there in Boise... Like 3pm but idk... I honestly don´t think that I have an accent haha. But I´m pretty sure that I´ve lost a little bit of my English. I have hardly spoken any English in a while because I have been living with latinos for the past while... So we´ll see how my English goes!

Yeah as district leader I have to do district meetings and prepare a class. I also have to call in for the number during the week. I have to pretty much supervise the work of the district and report it to the zone leaders. Also I have to do interviews for the investigators that are going to get baptized which is actually really spiritual and cool to do. For example this week I had 2 interviews for baptisms. One with the Zone Leaders and one for the sister missionaries! District leader is fun with a lot of different things to do but I like it!

And don´t worry I have also been opening up the "12" days of Christmas every day! You guys were really creative! and Thanks for everything that you´ve sent!!! I´ve been enjoying opening up things everyday!

Well love you guys a ton and I´ll see you Sunday!!! Merry Christmas! Always remember the real reason for this season!!

Elder Newkirk

P.S. Don´t worry we aren´t playing Ping-Pong like at all in the house. There isn´t any time at all. We are pretty much always super busy with stuff to do...

pics of the Baptism

pics of the Baptism

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