Monday, August 22, 2016

week #34 -- Settled in the new place. 6 new investigators.


Well this week was decent. The weeks are really just flying by and I really don´t remember a whole ton about the weeks that are going by. Like I have said at the beginning of my mission, days feel like weeks and weeks feel like days. So for me this week just felt like a day and I feel like I don´t have a lot to write about.. 

This week we actually had a really successful week. As of now we have 6 investigators with a goal to be baptised with a date. Our next baptisms should be on the 3rd of September. We have 2 investigators planned for that day and let´s hope that it works out. Their names are Yerack and Camila. Yerack a converts brother who has been coming to church and been investigating the church. He is 18 years old. He likes the church a lot but him and his dad (who isn´t a member as well) have a problem with one of the commandments. And that commandment, out of all of them, is the law of chastity.. I was a little surpised at first and didn´t think it was real haha. His dad was telling us that he wants his son to "disfruit his youth" and get to know girls before he marry´s them to know if they are good or not in bed pretty much... Well welcome to Chile haha. 

But yeah that was kind of a weird story that happened to us this week but Yerack will still be baptized, we explained a lot to them about it and cleared somethings up. Also this week we put 5 other baptism dates for people and also planned 2 marriages which was super awesome!

We have finally settled into our house with everything set up now. We had some pretty interesting stories setting everything up haha. We were setting up the laundry machine and almost made a pool out of our front patio... The hose part popped off while I was trying to turn off the water and water was just everywhere... But the house is all good to go. Forgot to take some pics but I´ll try for this week. I always forget stuff... This house will probably just be the house for missionaries here for a while. It isn´t ideal to just keep changing houses even if it isn´t the best house around. It takes a lot of time away to work and stuff. We lost a lot of time moving and doing everything.

I have really been liking the new schedule. The days have been going a lot faster and we have been able to have more lessons with people as well. The people here in Chile are usually up late and also later in the afternoon. So I like the schedule better. Especially with summer coming up!

Hmm not a ton of really good food that I´ve tried. It usually is just a lot of rice and chicken and meat.. Sometimes it changes up but for the majority of the time it is rice and meat or a soup or something. But yesterday we had something called Arepa con todo. It was probably the best thing that I´ve had here in Chile. But it´s not even from Chile, I´m pretty sure it´s from Columbia because our columbian papitos cooked for us yesterday. Other than that just rice....

Do they play baseball at all down in Chile?
Nope.... Baseball isn´t popular at all from what I´ve seen. Baseball is more popular in Mexico, but here in south america it isn´t that popular.

Man definitely missed the Olympics. Well I´ll just have to wait for 4 years to see the next one. And of course the states won gold in Basketball. But they played agaisnst Serbia? Who does Serbia have?

Well there really isn´t anything else from this week! Love you guys and hope you have a great week!

Elder Newkirk
We went fishing again today in the morning! Everyone actually caught a fish today! But the fish that I caught was super ugly and small.... We just had to throw it back into the ocean... Of course out of all the fishes in the sea I get the ugliest. It was seriously the ugliest creature that I have ever seen. Also while fishing today a huge pack of dolphins swam by. There was a good 40 dolphins in the water. It was super awesome to see and I got a video of them. I´ll have to upload the video another time when I have time to sit a wait for it to upload. 

The other pic is my Chile ID. I got it this week! Officially a legal Chilean, pretty much... So I´m Chilean now

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