Monday, August 15, 2016

week #33 -- Able to find a new place for the 4 Elders! Whew!

Hola y Hello!

Well we may be living out in the streets this week...
Nope we found a house to live in this week. That was our biggest worry this week was just finding a house and doing all the contract and paperwork and stuff. Then on Saturday we moved everything over into the new place. Not going to lie, it isn´t the best place... I´ll have to take some pics and send them next week. We had to find a place fast so we pretty much just took the best one that we could find that could fit 4 missionaries. The house is a separate house out back of the owner. When we got there it smelled like old people... Maybe someone died there or something before. But we blessed the house so we should be good. 

Other than that, not much happened this week. Just trying to work in the Lord´s work here in Tal-Tal. We´ve kinda been in like a stump trying to find new people to teach. Like in these last 3 weeks we have had 2 new people which isn´t that good... We´ve been working with lists of less actives and other lists of future investigators but we haven´t had too much luck. But through less actives is really the key to finding new people to teach and to be able to re-activate a family.

The other thing that happened this week is that we now have a date planned for our investigator, Williams, to get married and then to get baptized. The date that we have planned is September 16th for the wedding and September 17th for the baptism. This will be the first week of the next cambio so I´ll probably have a new companion here for that. But it was awesome and I´m happy for them.

The bbq´s as a zone, especially in this zone is super rare. We had a lucky opportunity to be able to do the bbq in this zone. Reason being is because this is the zone that is most separated. Most other zones all the missionaries are close together but in out zone we are all spread out in small towns where there are only branches. We also have the smallest zone out of all the zones. I´m sure in other zones there are a lot of missionaries that get together and do stuff but here in this zone it is practically impossible. 

Let´s hope that Hailey doesn´t crash the car haha. But that´s cool that she got her permit and is starting to drive. I don´t know it´s weird to think that Hailey is driving now. Will definitely be a weird experience when I get home to see everything that´s changed.

Church yesterday was alright. I actually didn´t have to talk or give any classes yesterday which was a little nice. I had a little break this week haha. But here in Chile we had the hour change again. Saturday at midnight we moved the clocks forward an hour and there were a few people that came to church at like 11 thinking that it was 10 haha. Also with the change of the hour they changed our schedule again. We are back to the 7:30 to 11:30 schedule again which is really sweet. I really like this schedule better. A lot of the people here are usually out more at nights than in the days. Also with summer coming up in a couple months it should be a lot better.

Here, and I´m pretty sure in every other mission, you get new missionaries every transfer. Every group has different numbers of new missionaries that come in but just depends on how many people put in their papers and how many missionaries we need here in the mission. They put a cap on how many missionaries you can have in a mision. The cap is like 200 missionaries.

Here in Chile people usually don´t get into the Olympics like they do in the States which is kinda lame. But I understand why.. They have won any metals and don´t have a lot of people competing... There are a few people that watch the Olympics and stuff but they don´t really get into it. I´ve seen a little bit of the Olympics here in there when we are in houses of investigators or members or if we are passing by a store with it on. Looks like the States are doing good! Also a lot of people here were talking about Micheal Phelps, sounds like he won a lot again this Olympics.

Also we got a list of 5 movies that we can watch now! The five movies that we can watch now are, The Lion King, Brother Bear, Mulan, some Moses cartoon, and some Joseph of Egypt cartoon. We can only watch them on Pdays but it´s pretty awesome. Last week we already watched Lion King. And maybe today if we have time we are going to watch Brother Bear. We have just been asking members to download the movies and then just passing them to us on our USB haha. 

Also during the move I finally found my charger. It was just in one of my luggages and I don´t know how I haven´t found it until now.........

Well that was pretty much my week and everything that has been going on! Love you guys and hope you have a great week!

Elder Newkirk

The pics for this week. This is from last Monday when we were watching The Lion King. Also these are some new clothes that I bought with my money that I took out. A soccer jersey from Chile and some pants.

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