Monday, August 8, 2016

Week #32 -- Looking for a new place to call home for the 4 elders!

Hey, what´s up? 

This week was actually really crazy. The start of this week we were just doing a lot of moving around. We are now living in the other sectors house for now. I also still haven´t found my camera charger, I don´t know what happened to it... But the new President wanted the missionaries here in Tal-Tal to live the 4 of us together, to save money and to be more safe. So we had a house ready to move into this next week so we have been planning to move there but... She decided that she wasn´t going to rent her house and told us yesterday... So all our contracts the houses that we were living in are ending this next Monday and we don´t have a house ready to move into next week.. So yesterday and all this week we need to look around for a house to move into. And if not I guess we´ll be living out in the street haha. We have a plan to go see one house today later, so hopefully this house will work out! So yeah this week was pretty crazy and this next week will be pretty crazy as well!

With all the changes this week I have actually liked it. I have liked living in a house of 4 missionaries, it is a lot more fun. And you´re not always with your comp 24/7 because you are living with 2 other missionaries. I feel a lot more free, I guess you could say haha. But yeah Elder Phillips is in his last transfer of the mission. He only has like 5 more weeks. We have all been giving him a hard time haha. Also today he recieved his tickets and everything for his plane haha. Time really does fly while you are out on the mission. I can´t believe that it has already past my birthday and everything. It doesn´t feel like 7 months at all. It´s really crazy. 

Speaking of my birthday that happened this week. It honestly just felt like a normal day. Not a lot happened, just worked like normal. Like you mentioned I took out some money but I still haven´t done anything with it yet. Today I plan to go and do some shopping and buy some things. I explained to mom what I am planning on buying and I really don´t want to explain it again haha. But I did have one family sing to me happy birthday which was really nice. Also I got some sweets the other day when other family learned that my birthday was on Thursday. I didn´t really go around telling people that it was my birthday or anything, that´s a little weird. If it came up then it came up haha.. Also I opened your package on my birthday. Thanks for everything that you sent to me! I really miss the snacks and sweets from the States! It´s not the same here.

I also hope that our investigators stick to their plan as well. I have been praying a lot for them as well I plan on doing a few fasts this months for them as well. Praying and fasting really is key! But we just have to continue to keep working hard with them so that they can take the steps to be baptised.

Church was good yesterday, we had 40 people there for sacrament. Yesterday was also kids´ day, I don´t know if we have that holiday in the States but in Spanish it is called dia del niño. So there was a lot of activities and stuff in downtown so I think that´s why not a lot of people came to church. Whenever there is something going on in downtown or something like no one comes to church... Yesterday it was my turn to do the Gospel principles class, it was on the word of wisdom and the class actually went really well! The converts and investigatores that we had there were awesome! The converts that we have here are awesome. Like half of the members in the sacrament meeting are newer family that just got reactivated or are converts. 

Sounds like Hot Augusts Nights was fun. I remember the one from last year there were a lot of cool cars so I´m assuming that it was just pretty much the same.

Well hope that you guys have a great week! Also good luck with Hailey and her first week back at school! Love you guys!!

Elder Newkirk

staying with the Elders in Chanarel few weeks ago

soccer as a zone

pictures of a bbq that we did as a zone like 2 or 3 weeks ago that was pretty fun!

It was a service project that we did this week. This dude(Luis) is building his house and we were helping him this week level out some dirt so that he can put down his floor of his house.

Every Saturday we are starting to play some soccer. There are some investigators and some members in the pic. The girl next to me is Camila who is an investigator that will probably be baptized soon. And next to her in the red Chile shirt is Yerrack who is also an investigator who is Carlitos´s brother who this Sunday said that he was thinking about baptism!

This is a pic from yesterday. In the middle is a member that is from Peru. He was here in Tal-Tal visiting some family for his vacations. He is really cool and left with us for a few days! His name is Nolan

So every Tuesday night we do Oreo night. Everyone does Oreo´s and milk and this is a pic that we took from Oreo night!

Friendly neighborhood SpiderMissionary!

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