Monday, June 20, 2016

week#25 - Cambios - Transfer to the City of TalTal


Well I have really, really short time to write this week. So yeah I got cambios this week and left this morning to Taltal! Taltal is like 3 hours south of Antofagasta. It is a really small coast town. It seems pretty chill and awesome so far. But yeah the town is really small and here there is only a rama, not a ward. I´m actually really excited about the transfer. Here there are 4 missionaries and all the missionaries have responsibilities in the church in the rama which should be fun and a great learning experience. Yeah I don´t know too much about Taltal yet but I´ll let you know more about it next pday when I have more time to actually write.

So the baptism this Saturday got postponed because of problems that the family were having. It´s sad that I won´t be able to see Juliana baptised but hey it´s all good I know that she will be baptised. But yeah it was good saying bye to all the families from the ward. Sad to go but I was ready for a change. 

Yeah the travel was fine today. Taltal like I said is only 3 hours from Antofagasta so it wasn´t bad at all. I also traveled with other missionaries who were heading more south to Copiapo and Vallenar so I was able to ride with them. One of them that I rode with was Elder Joos which was pretty fun! My new companion here is Elder Fernandez from Peru! He is the district leader here in Taltal, so for intercambios I´m going to have to go to chaneral for intercambios. 

Sounds like your guys summer sounds pretty busy but like a lot of fun! Hope that you guys have good and safe travels!

So with the rule about watching soccer is with a investigator but the game has to be playing when we are out. So if the game is past like 10pm then we won´t be able to watch it. The games here have been starting really late so we haven´t been able to watch a ton. But yeah I have seen a lot and heard a lot about the Copa and how Chile destroyed Mexico 7-0!!! But yeah USA has a chance to play against Chile in the finals! If Chile and the USA win their next game they will be playing against each other in the finals.

But yeah I´ve only been here in Taltal for a little time and don´t have really any time to write so I´m keeping this really short. I´ll be writing a lot more next week and more about the sector and everything. But from what it seems, it is pretty chill and really cool.

Love you guys a lot!! Hope you have a great week!

Elder Newkirk

great family! Sister Malva and family!

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