Wednesday, June 1, 2016

week #22 -- Intercambios with Elder Joos

Wow really sad news this week. Super sad that Grandpa passed away this morning... I´m more at a loss of words more than anything. But I do know out of experience here in the mission is that God does have a plan for each and every single one of us. Here in Antofagasta there are a ton of different people with sicknesses and it is really hard for a lot of people here. Also in the ward there are a lot of people that were like Grandpa with a lot of different health problems. I have had plenty of opportunities to talk with a lot of different people with these problems. Actually today after P-day we have a meeting with Hermano Luna who is super sick and the doctors sent him home this last week (when doctors send people home that usually means that there isn´t anything more that they can do to help). But I know that the comforting message of the Gospel can help. And that through Christ there is more after this life. This definitely isn´t the end and this life is just a small step in the eternities. I know that God´s plan is absolutely perfect. Definitely a great idea to head to the temple, I know that you can find answers there and can feel peace and comfort that you need. I know that these times must be really hard for you and also for our family. But as a member of the church and with the knowledge that you have you can really help out your family at this time. To share with them this plan that God has. Just know that God is with us each step of the way and we can always turn to Him for help in these hard times. 

Everything´s still good here in the mission. Not a ton happened this week, just working hard and trying to find some new people to teach. We have some great investigators but with schedules here in Antofagasta is makes it really hard for the people to actually progress. Everyone here works a ton and has absolutely no time and the time they do have they want to use it for something else, like family. The mission definitely isn´t easy that´s for sure. 

This week we actually contacted a mamita from the year 1988 in the mission viña del mar. She never was a member of the church and has always been Catholic. She was showing us pictures of the missionaries that she was the mamitas to. Super old pictures haha. The missionaries that wrote to her said that they hope that she progresses in the gospel. And I know that now is the chance that she has to do so. She is like 80 years old but it is never to late to hear the gospel. This just assures to me again that God has a plan for everyone to hear the gospel, whether it be in this life or in the life to come. It was a really cool experience to find her haha. 

Also this week I had an intercambio with Elder Joos(our district leader). I was working with him in his sector for a day. He is actually really cool and we made an awesome contact. We were just knocking on doors looking for a random name and we actually met someone really cool. His name is Wilson and when he opened the door he was playing NBA 2k16 so we sat and talked to him about basketball while he was playing. He acutally travels around Chile with teams playing basketball. He plays center and he is this really tall big black dude. It was pretty awesome to talk with him and his experiences with traveling around playing with teams. He showed us some pictures as well. It is super rare to come across people here who acutally like basketball so it was pretty awesome. Just wish that he was in my sector haha.

Thanks for those 2 talks as well!

But yeah my letter this week is going to be short as well sorry. Just know that I´ll be praying as well as fasting this week for you guys! I know that you can find peace in the gospel and that everything has a purpose. 

I love you guys so much!

Elder Newkirk

Picture from the BBQ from last week.

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