Tuesday, June 7, 2016

week #23 -- Weeks flying by.. Fun ward activity last week


Like you said sounds like it was a sad but decent week that you guys had. Sounds like you had a great experience on Wednesday though with the prayer. That´s awesome that you did that and that Grandma asked you to say one. Definitely a hard experience though. I also would like to say that I fasted for you guys on Wednesday, not to be prideful or anything like that. But I know that even though that I´m here in Chile I know that the Lord is blessing you guys. But I also want to testify with all my heart that this isn´t the end and that God has a perfect plan. Something that my mission president wrote me this week after I told him about my Grandpa dying was this " I testify to you that he will have the opportunity to hear the gospel in the spirit world and accept it, there is a lot of hope there, and your efforts here as a missionary will actually have a great effect on his willingness to hear and accept the gospel there...God has a plan for each of his children individually so that each and everyone has the greatest opportunity possible to accept the gospel and return to Him! Those opportunities do not end with death. " He also told me to make sure that his work gets done in the temple. And I would love to do that with you after my mission! 

Sounds like all that you guys did this week was really beautiful for Grandpa. Also all the photos that you send to me were cool and the slide show as well. Was definitely hard to watch the slide show, and I also noticed that you guys put some of my photos from the mission in there! About the cremation.. I´ll let you guys choose for me, I´m fine with whatever you want to do. And it´s fine if you send me the picture. Definitely sad that I missed it all, definitely wish that I could have been with you guys, but thanks for all the photos and for sharing with me what happened!

Well about my week this week... Well it was good as always! The weeks are just flying by for me now and I´ve heard that it gets worse. This Friday we had a ward activity that I´ll send a quick photo of that I took. I also have videos of the activity but the one drive will have to wait until I actually have time to put everything on it. The activity was really fun. We did a master chef international. Every family brought different foods from all over the world. There was like Chile, Argentina, United States(they brought brownies), China, Japan, and a lot more. And afterwards we did karaoke, which I have videos of. It was a pretty fun activity! 

Other than that this week has just been visiting people and finding new people to teach. There has been a lot of good progress in a lot of our investigators which has been really awesome. I´m thinking that I´ll be leaving this sector in these next 2 week so I probably won´t be able to see all the success of my investigators but hey that´s how the mission is! 

Also this week the copa america started which I have been hearing a lot about. But all the games here start at like 10pm because they are playing in the States. Go USA! Also this week President changed our schedule. We now have a normal schedule of 6:30am-9pm not 7:30am-10pm. It has been a little weird getting used to the change but I actually like this schedule better. 

Well that´s practically been my week. Love you guys so much and know that I´m praying for you guys always! Hope you guys have a great week!

Elder Newkirk

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