Monday, June 13, 2016

week #24 -- 6 months out on the mission - year and a half left.


Everythings been going great. Nothing too much happened this week. This week has actually been pretty slow. A lot of walking around because there haven´t been too many people home. It seemed like everytime that we knocked on a door no one was home.. But this week as well we have been preparing a baptism for this Saturday. This Saturday Juliana is going to get baptized. Juliana is 11 but practically all her family are members but inactive. We reactivated her mom these past few months and have been teaching and preparing Juliana to be baptized. These past 2 weeks as well we have had one of our investigators attending church. He was one of those investigators that we were thinking about just dropping because of how long that he has been an investigator and hasn´t progressed at all. I would have never thought that he would progress. But these last two week he has actually attended all 3 hours of church and has been reading the BoM. It´s awesome to see the Lord change the hears of people. His name is Jorge Malatesta. He is like 64 and doesn´t have a huge religious background as well as the rest of his family. I hope that after he joins the church that his family will also be able to follow his example. 

Yeah the ward activity was actually really fun. Yeah brownies are pretty popular down here but they aren´t as good as they are in the states. The chocolate here really isn´t that good. For the karaoke there wasn´t anything in English so I didn´t get the chance to sing, no. But I´ll send you the link or the information for the videos and photos that I have taken. 

Yeah I´m expecting to leave this next week, so let´s see where I´ll go. I have all the mission to choose from. I´m just hoping that I won´t have to take a huge bus ride to my next sector. I´ve heard a lot of different things about Tur-Bus. Tur-Bus is the company that the missionaries travel with around the mission, so Tur-Bus is pretty popular among the missionaries. But I haven´t heard good things about it...

Yeah I´ve heard and seen a lot of the copa america. USA actually left their group in the first position! They will be playing Ecuador for the Cuarto Finals. But we actually got permission from President Dalton to watch the Chile games from the Copa! But the catch is that we have to watch it with an investigator or watch it with members who invite non members to the game. So we have been watching the Chile games! Tomorrow Chile plays as well! Vamos Chile!!

Yeah I got the pictures that Mom sent me. Looks like you guys are having a fun time in Boise! That´s actually a really cool story. I haven´t heard of missionaries returning to their first area, but that´s an awesome story. I don´t know if I have had any stories like that in my mission yet but I do feel like I am called where I need to be called at a specific time. I know that every missionary has someone waiting for them in the areas that they will serve in. I have had a lot of different experiences though on how we meet people and find them to teach. The Lord definitely does put people in our path every single day. It really just depends on us and how we react in the situations. I definitely see God´s hand in his work daily! 

Awesome bishopric. Brother Sadler was an awesome temple prep teacher! That´s also cool that you got to keep your calling!

I actually really enjoy this new schedule! It feels like we have a lot more time in the mornings to do things. I also like getting in a little bit earlier. Because now that it has been getting cold at night, once it hits dark everyone goes inside to have once, or tea time. Usually the nights are really hard so actually this change has been good. It´s been a little weird getting used to and has been hard getting up at 6:30. Because in the mornings it has been cold and I just want to stay in bed and not get up haha. But no it´s been good!

Yeah I received the last package, I got it this week. Thanks for all the photos, they are great! All the food is practically gone as well haha. Hope that I get my birthday package by my birthday. Guess we´ll find out.

Hope you have a great week!!
Love you guys a lot!!
Elder Newkirk 

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