Tuesday, May 3, 2016

week #18 friendly game of finding investigators

Hola, things have been going great as always. We have contacted a lot of future investigators this week thanks to a game me and my companion have been playing. This game is with a coin, one side is me and the other side is my companion. Whatever side the coin lands on one of us has to make a contact with someone in 5 minutes. If you don´t make some sort of contact in 5 mins you have to pay the other 50 pesos(which isn´t a lot). We have acutally found a lot of people through this game and it has been pretty fun. Also this week we are all good with health, haven´t had any problems!

Sounds like tomorrow should be fun with your flight at 6:30 in the morning. Definitely not as long as the flight is here in Chile. As well as the bus rides here. There is a chance that next week I leave to another sector and will have to take a long bus ride. In Saturday is when they call for transfers, so I´ll know then if I´ll stay here in Antofagasta or if I will be in another sector. But I have heard that the bus rides here are terrible and suck really bad. I´m not looking forward to when I leave Antofagasta. But about the weather, the weather here in Antofagasta has been really weird. There are some days where there are a lot of clouds and it isn´t hot. But there are days like today where it is just hot. But at night it has started to cool down which has been nice. But a lot of changing of the weather here. In the mornings and nights it is usually a little cool and in the afternoon it is just hot. But yup that´s the weather here. 

That´s too bad what happened at Summit with Hailey´s team, but hey what can ya do? At least you guys get to go to Disneyworld and all that still! 

Should be awesome this Sunday with being able to talk to you guys! Looking forward to it! Some information about the Skype call is that we´ll be doing it with Hermana Malva in her house. I think we are planning to do it around 6pm Chilean time. I´m not exactly sure what time that is for you guys I think around 2? But yeah just be ready around that time I guess!

Hmmm, any crazy or funny stories from this week... So we were in one of the more dangerous parts of our sector trying to contact a less active. So we were talking with a less active outside of there house and everything was good. But then some guy turned the corner who was completely drunk and bloody. He was bleeding from his head and didn´t have a shirt or anything. But just completely bloody. He started yelling at us about Jesus or something. I don´t know I couldn´t really understand what he was saying. But the less active was telling him to leave and stuff because she knew who he was because it was one of the neighbors but yeah he finally left us alone. But yeah I guess that´s my crazy story for the week.

Yeah Vanesa is making good progress to be baptized this Saturday. She had her interview and everything last week and passed! But she didn´t attend this Sunday at church so we have to plan everything and call some people to figure everything out. But we are still planning to have her baptism this Saturday, but I guess we´ll see!

About Sebastian, hmmm great question... He´s not doing so well with the gospel right now. He knows everything and knows what he needs to do but doesn´t do them. In my time here in this sector he has only gone to church one time. We have talked and stuff but just doesn´t seem to be interested and just thinks us to be just friends, not like missionaries. We have practically shared all that we can, I think the only problem is that there really isn´t anyone for him in the church. The attendance this Sunday was 39 and last week was 35. Definitely a hard situation but I know nothing is impossible for God. 

Also have met a lot of new people this week. We met a lady who is married to a gringo. I haven´t met him because he is in the states right now for health. But he is from Florida which is pretty awesome. Also today on our way home from centro I sat next to someone who knew English and we talked for a little. But he travels a ton all over the world and knows like 5 or 6 different languages. He is a history teacher by profession but travels all the time. He is originally from Europe but knows a lot of the world. He said that he is planning to go to Vietnam and Israel next year which is crazy. I also asked him out of all the places that he has been where does he recommend. He said that Machu Pichu and Cuzco are definitely a place to visit and that he recommends a lot. So guess I´ll be making plans to go there some day! 

Love you guys a lot! Hope you guys have a great week and see you on Sunday!

Elder Newkirk

A book that I have to get while here in Chile. It is a book with all the slang words in Chile and it is super funny.

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