Monday, May 9, 2016

week #19 baptism this last Saturday of Vanessa

It was super great to see you guys yesterday! Everything ended up working out so it´s all good!

But this week has been great, a lot has happened and Vanessa was baptized! I´ll send the pictures of the baptism.

Today we are just chillin for our p-day. There really isn´t too much to do. We went and did a little shopping so that we could have some snack and what not then just chilled in the house. Then after this I think we will just go back do some cleaning and that´s about it. There really isn´t too much to do here, I mean we could try to explore things but I really don´t want to get lost here in Chile. But I thinking really soon we should be able to go to the beach, because it is starting to become "winter" here, which should be something to do on a p-day.

This week we will definitely be hitting the streets hard to try and find some new investigators to start teaching. We definitely need some more! 

I actually can´t watch youtube videos. In the past the missionaries were able to but there are disobedient missionaries so now we have a rule. We are limited to and our emails pretty much. I wish that I could watch the talk that you sent me but I can´t.

Well I guess that I´ll share my flea story that I shared with you guys yesterday. I really wasn´t planning on sharing this story but I guess here we go... So the start of this week I started to notice bites on my legs and I kept waking up with new bites. My comp said that it was because that I had fleas and that I could shave my legs to get rid of them and that other missionaries shave their legs as well because of the fleas. So I decided to shave my legs to get rid of the fleas... Well I think I would prefer the fleas then to shave my legs again. Having shaved legs sucks so bad and I don´t think that I´ll ever do it again. But yeah that´s something that happened to me this week.

We actually ran into the Zone Leaders today in Jumbo and they said that my companion and I both have mail so hopefully that it is. Because I´m also waiting for the things that grandma and grandpa sent me as well so we´ll see in Friday!

Love you guys a lot and it was great seeing you! Hope you guys have a great week!

Elder Newkirk

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