Monday, May 16, 2016

week #20 Exploring around Antofagasta this p-day!

And the weeks just keep flying by and a new one starts. But this week has actually been really good! Also today has been pretty awesome, we actually went to go check out some places here in Antofagasta. Did a little of exploring around the city. Today we went to the soccer stadium of Antofagasta and also to a Japanese park. I´ll send some pictures. 

Thanks for the music! I actually received a lot of music this week from another Elder that had a lot. So I had him transfer some of his songs for me but thanks for the music! You can just keep sending me some more if you want!

About the packages that I have been waiting for.. I only got one and it was the one from Grandma and Grandpa Oldroyd from Easter haha. I think it takes about 2 months for the packages to actually get to me.. So I´m thinking that I´ll be getting it the start of next month. Super fome(chilean slang for Lame) but there isn´t anything that we can do.

Yeah the weather has been pretty much the same. It has cooled down a little bit, it isn´t super blazing hot like it is during summer. Nice in the 70s and gets in the high 50s to 60s at night. So it´s been pretty nice.
The time actually changed here. We are now one hour back so right now it´s 6pm. We actually didn´t know that the time changed on Sunday and showed up to Stake Conference an hour early haha. We were asking why there wasn´t like anyone there at the church, so yeah that happened to us.

Awesome that Hailey recieved the team leader achievement again! Congrats! Good job Positive Polly!

Church was great yesterday because it was Stake Conference. We had one of the 70 there who was acutally Mision President like 6 years ago here in the Antofagasta mision. Also our mission president, President Dalton, was at the conference and gave a talk. They talked a lot about temples and the importance of going to the temple. Especially here where there isn´t a temple, there are a lot of people who don´t go or don´t have a chance to go. But the conference was awesome.

But yeah the attendance for this ward is around 40-50 every week. I think that they just rotate through members of something, but it honestly doesn´t feel like the same people give talks every Sunday. Everyone here I think loves to share things. Especially during testimony meeting, I don´t think there is a dead moment when there isn´t anyone talking. But yeah I definitely think it would be hard on the Bishop, especially because he is alone now. Our Bishop doesn´t have any councelors right now... He has a ton of responsiblitiy. 

About the contacts this week... We acutally have 5 new investigators from this week and they are all awesome. One is a family, Fernando, Barbara, Barbara´s brother, and their little kids. Well practically the whole time they were just trying to teach us things from the Bible and just talking a lot. We could barely get anything out... But I ended up sharing about the Book of Mormon real fast and invited them all to read and pray about it. We returned later in the week and only Barbara was home but she said that Fernando had been reading a lot from the Book of Mormon and that we´d better prepare for his questions when we return for them again. He has a huge knowledge of the Bible so hopefully he won´t try to bible bash with us. That is one thing that I wish that I would have done more before my mission is study everything, the bible, book of mormon, etc. I have a pretty good knowledge about the book of mormon but hardly any knowledge of the bible. Definitely makes things hard sometimes. 

Wow crazy story about Avalanche shutting down, the Lord definitely knows what´s best for us in the moment. Maybe we won´t know right now but everything will work out. But it was definitely more of a blessing that we moved when we did. 

Love and miss you guys! Hope you have a great week!

Elder Newkirk

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