Thursday, January 7, 2016

Week #1 -- Landed safely in Mexico City!

Did you not get my email from last week when I arrived? I was able to send a quick email to you guys to let you know that I arrived safely and that my P day is on Thursdays so every Thurdays I'll be able to email. I have an hour to email you guys on my P day but I can split it up into different sessions. So I'll probably be on later if you send me another message soon. But everything is going really well and I'm missing you guys too. I am learning a ton of Spanish but it is pretty hard, I can't really express myself in Spanish yet and have to teach with notes (which is really annoying). I think the second day we were here we had to start teaching which was really bad. If it were a real investigator he probably would have been driven away from the Church. The Spanish is getting a little easier but it is still really hard, there is so many things to memorize and learn about. I actually have 2 other companions, so there are 3 of us. We are like the only trio companionship here except for one other. It's actually pretty cool to have 2 companions. Their names are Elder Wild and Elder Jennings. Elder Wild is from Colorado and Elder Jennings is from Las Vegas. They are pretty cool companions.

It is pretty crazy here, a lot of noise outside the wall all day and all night. I think I heard a train horn last night. I've gotten used to all of the noise that it isn't that bad anymore though. But the MTC is kind of close to a sewer so sometimes if it is windy we will get a nice whiff. I was actually able to fly with like 35 other missionaries going to the Mexico MTC which was pretty cool. When we arrived we hopped in a bus and then we drove to like the other side of the city. The drivers here are insane, they have no lanes here and ride right next to other cars. They also drive over the meadians if they have to haha. 

The food here is also amazing, I think there was only one meal that I didn't like but other than that it's really good. Me, my companions and district made friends with the cook and he's made certain food for us. The other day he made us some really good cheesecake and he is always asking us what we want him to make next. So if I had any advice if anyone goes to the Mexico MTC is to make friends with Esteban.
Send Calvin my love and I also love and miss you guys a lot. I will be on later around 4 to email again if you send me another email so hopefully I will hear from you guys by then. Once again I love and miss you guys. Everything is going great here! I feel like I am missing a lot of things to talk about so if you have any questions about something that I left out just let me know! 

Elder Newkirk

This is my district, it's not that great of a picture I wasn't able to take it. Me and my companions are going to Antofagasta Chile along with one of the Hermana companions. The other Elders are going to San Fran/Oakland area. And the other Hermanas are going to Concepcion South mission in Chile. 

This is Jordan's afternoon letter:

Well they have a store here at the MTC where they sell pretty much anything that I will need as well has a ton of candy. We get 100 pesos a week in our MTC accounts to spend on anything that we want from the store. But at the store I was able to find a SD card adapter to put into the computer so I can actually send you guys some pictures of my room, bathroom, some funny things outside the walls, and just some cool pictures. But I can buy any snacks at the store whenever I want and everything here is super cheap. I have pretty much all of my pesos, I had to use some to buy this adapter but it was still only like 2.50 USD. The flight actually went really well, and I took your challenge and talked to a lady who sat next to me on the plane. Turns out she is LDS and used to live in Layton but lives in Sparks now. Her husband actually went to Santiago Chile. The sleeping conditions are actually pretty good and we get new sheets every Monday. The only thing is that it is super loud. There really are not too many bugs down here, at least that I havent noticed. I have played everything from soccer, basketball, ultimate freesby, volleyball, ping pong, lifting weights and so much more. Everyday we have a gym time where we can do whatever we want. Like today we played soccer and basketball for like 3 hours. I think I should have enough clothes I might buy another shirt or something but I should be fine. About the temple we will have a chance to go at least once or twice. We actually might be able to go next P day but we will see. But it will be cool to be able to go through the temple in Spanish. The temple is actually like an hour away from the MTC but it is good, when I go ill have to take some pictures. Sundays are really good, more relaxing then other days and we have devotionals on Tuesdays. Like this Tuesday we had a member of the 70 talk with us which was really cool. The pictures take forever to upload and send so ill try to get as many as I can sent before I run out of time. Once again love you guys and miss you!
Elder Newkirk

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