Thursday, January 21, 2016

Week #3 Visit to the Mexico City Temple

Haha nice Spanish. Definitely not like being in it day in and day out. It's kind of been getting easier but still pretty hard. Once I get to Chile Ill have to pretty much relearn the Spanish and adapt to how they speak. 

I was able to go to the temple today! It is such a beautiful temple and the rooms inside were huge. All of the temple stuff is free for missionaries so that was nice. We were able to listen to the session in English but after the video it was all in Spanish, which was pretty hard but really cool to do. No matter what temple you go to, you get the same feeling every time. It was really cool being able to actually leave the MTC. The temple in only like 10 miles away but takes like an hour to get there because of all the cars and traffic. I got some really good pictures while at the temple though.

I also got a haircut at the haircut place today. The haircuts are free but you dont have any choice with you hair. You walk in sit down and they start cutting your hair to mission standards. I was nervous at first because you know how I am with my hair, but  it was actually really good. Not going to lie probably one of the best haircuts that Ive gotten. The lady that did my hair did a really good job and definitely knows how to cut hair. 

So we have Estebans instagram but it is currently in the casa so Ill have to send it to you guys in a little in a separate email but ill get it to you. So what I think that Esteban does it just find a new group of missionaries to be friends with when his old missionary friends leave and we just happened to be that new group of missionaries. But hes been gone most of this week for some reason so he hasnt really made anything for us but its all good.

Sucks to hear that the Seahawks lost last week. I have one question about the sports world. How are the Warriors doing? When I left they were like 20 something-1 so how are they doing now? Still destroying the league?

I definitely enjoyed those Krispy Kremes that you sent me and was able to share them. I took a picture of the box because it was pretty cool and send it to you guys. But I dont have a picture of me "enjoying" them. If I did I would totally send it.

We are in class like all day long. about 12 hours every single day except P days and Sundays. Our schedule is packed every hour of every day as well, so constant work. Just the same old same old sports. Soccer, basketball, volleyball, whatever. We have actually been playing some soccer with the Latinos which has been a ton of fun. They actually left this Monday though so we havent played this week with any Latinos but I did get a picture with them that Ill be sending as well. But we sometimes play some sports with the Hermanas it just has to be non contact sports, but it doesnt happen a lot. And yeah we do pretty much everything as a district which is pretty cool.

Good luck this weekend with cheer Hailey! Hopefully you and your team will do well, and by do well I mean take first place. Have fun this weekend, wish I was there with you guys or I was there so I could watch Calvin.

Anyways love and miss you all as well.

Elder Newkirk
Playing soccer with the Latinos! Looks fun!

Box of Krispy Kreme's we ordered for Jordan

Mexico City Temple

Elder Newkirk in front of Mexico City Temple

Angel Moroni with the plates

Elder Newkirk, Elder Wild and Elder Jennings

Elder Newkirk and his district

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