Monday, March 6, 2017

week #62 -- busy week travelling -- learning and teaching

Hey! I think if we spoke in just spanish you wouldn't understand any of the conversation lol!

My week was actually really really good. The most tiring of my mission but really good! Well it started with Monday when I got here to Alto Hospicio. We did all the things that we needed to do on P-day then we went and picked up the remaining missionaries getting to the bus terminal. Then on Tuesday was just a normal day of work. We left with a youth all day, his name is Kevin, but he's really cool and left all day with us. We did a lot of good visits on Tuesday and was just a day of getting to know the sector and a few people. Wednesday was another day of normal work. In the morning we had to go down to Iquique to pick up some medicine for a missionary in another zone then we had all the afternoon to work which was just another day of just getting to know more members and investigators! Then Wednesday at night we had to head down to Iquique at like 11pm to head off to Antofagasta for leadership council. So we left with a member who took us down, Brother Rocha who is super awesome! It was me, my comp(Elder Cordova), and Hermana Lorenzo(the sister leader of the zone). Then our bus left to Antofa at 1am. Then I got like 4-5 hours of sleep and we arrived to Antofa at like 7am. In the middle of the trip we had to take out all our luggage at like 4am to put them through a machine to see if anyone had drugs or stuff like that which was kinda lame lol. Then we were in conferences all day long until like 4pm. I learned a lot from President and what he wants us to do as missionaries. He wants us to work a lot more with the members and be good friends with them! Now we have zone training that we have to do with the zone tomorrow and have to share what president wants of the missionaries for all the zone. Then we left Antofa Thursday at like 9pm and got back home at like 330am..... So I was pretty tired lol. Then right after that on Friday we had companion exchange. I went to another sector with Elder Atagi, from Ogden, in the sector Las Americas! It was a good day of work. Elder Atagi is a giant! His shoes are size 17 or something like that! But he's really cool missionary and it was fun to work with him! Then Saturday the sisters from the sector Tarapaca had a baptism(which was the only baptism of the zone) that we attended as a zone. Then from there the weekend was just to work in our sector. This week we should have 4 baptisms for sure! It is a family that all came to church this Sunday!! They are super awesome so if you could pray for them so that they can get baptized this week and nothing will go wrong! It's the Vial Family! I wish I had more time to write and talk about them but I think I'll hold off for the next week because I really don't have like any time because I want to go and cut my hair after this as well! Sorry! But that was like a really short version of my week and what happened kind of! It was a pretty crazy week but a lot of fun!!

My new comp as well is super good! Works really well! It's a lot different than the other comps that I have had! But here is Alto Hospicio is super awesome! I like it a lot! I'm in a branch here that has like 100-110 attendance so they are super awesome! Right now the branches are working to get a Stake here in Alto Hospicio! There are like 5 different branches here and there are 3 branches in our building! This zone is the promised land baby! There are 16 missionaries in total! 4 sisters and 12 Elders!

Yeah the pizza had advocado on it but it actually wasn't all that great. I like pizza a lot more in the States. But in some places there are Domino's lol!

The eternal investigator was pretty weird... Idk... I didn't really talk to him all that much, I didn't do his interview so I didn't really get the chance to talk to him.

Good luck in Sacramento!

Yeah I got the 2 minute mark until I have to be off the computer! Love you guys a ton and miss you!! Have a great week!!

Elder Newkirk

P.S. Thanks for the updates with NBA! VAMOS THUNDER! Even though they aren't doing so hot this season!

Pics: After leadership councel I went with Elder Harris another missionary that served in Las Arenas and we went and visited a couple of people before our bus left

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