Monday, March 20, 2017

week# 64 -- lots of training and conferences this last week


This week has also been a pretty packed one as well because our mission president was pretty much here all week long and we had a couple things that we had to do while he was here in Alto Hospicio!

Tuesday we had conference pretty much all day long. We had a conference with the zone in Iquique and with our zone with president. He talked a lot about suffering with joy and how we will come across times in the mission that are hard as well as in life and that we just have to always have joy even when we are in rough times. Suffer with joy! We also talked a lot about our savior and the importance that he has in our lives first. It was a really good conference that we had! I missed parts of it though being zone leader you have to make sure that everything is going well and have to prepare lunch for everyone and stuff like that so I missed out on a couple parts of the conference. Also Tuesday at night when we got back to our sector we found a family that we started to teach. They are pretty catholic but they´re nice. There are a ton of catholic´s here in Chile!

Then Wednesday was a pretty normal day. In the morning we planned out a zone attack in a sector that needed help finding new people to teach. So we all went there to go work in their sector and find new people to baptize! I went out and worked with Elder Wheelwright from Utah. He´s pretty cool and we found a few people to help out the sector of Las Americas! Then from there Wednesday was a normal day of just working and having meetings with out branch leaders.

Thursday we had interviews with President. He told me that I need to smile more and not look so serious lol. Better start smiling then 😁 But President is super cool! He´s awesome! Then we had companion exchange for the day and I went to work in Pozo Al Monte which is a small city outside of Alto Hospicio like 30 mins away. There are 2 elders there working. It´s a pretty cool but pretty small city. It was super windy there as well. I went and worked with Elder Schmid from Arizona. He´s got little time in the mission but he was fun to work with. As a leader you always have to give the example and give the other missionaries the vision of what they need to do and their purpose as a missionary. Especially the newer missionaries. It´s always good being able to go and work with other missionaries!

Friday I honestly don´t remember what happened.........................

Saturday we had a super important meeting with our mission president and every branch president and the distrct president and all the leaders from here in Alto Hospicio. A lot of the leaders had a ton of questions and stuff that was happening with all the new changes that have been happening here in the mission with the new mission president and with the changes of everything. It was funny, president told them "Here are the Zone Leaders to answer all of your questions". So we had to answer a lot of questions that they asked us. A lot of the questions were about the asistence that people need to be baptized and a few other things about the investigators and stuff like that. But then at the end with like 30 mins remaining president took the time and pretty much just roasted everyone lol. It was super good. I got to see president is action and in his fullness. I felt like I was trasfigurated in his presence when he started to talk. It was really really cool. But the good thing is that the leaders want to do what it right and they were willing to listen and get rid of their doubts that they had and clear a few things up. There were so many different things that happened in this meeting that I could just sit and talk about but I don´t really have the time to do so but it was really good and I also learned a lot from President. Also after the meeting we talked for like a minute and told us that he loves meetings like that because he knows the church and how it works and everything and knows how to control things and roast people lol. It was super good. He also asked us a question that really touched me a lot as well. He asked us "What is the main objective as a mission president?" We told him to baptize or something like that but his answer was a lot different than I thought. He told us "My main objective is to save you guys"(you guys as in the missionaries). President is super awesome!

Then Sunday we had district conference which is stake conference but it´s not a stake yet. President also talked there, president is super powerful! But the conference was pretty good. All the missionaries had to watch it from a different room on the television because it was packed that there wasn´t room for everyone to sit so all the missionaries went out and we watched it from the tv that they had setup with the camera in the sacrament room. Then from there it was pretty much just a normal day of working. We went out with Brother Marcos at night. He took us around a couple places around his house to visit people that the missionaries used to pass by or people that he knew around there. He knows a ton of people! We seriously found a ton of new people to start teaching thanks to Marcos! He is super awesome! I wish that all the members were like that!!

And that was pretty much my week just another week here in the field working in the lords vineyard!

Yeah our area has a lot of less actives! I feel like in every single area around the world there are a lot of less actives. Especially here in Chile there are a ton. Like for example there are like 850 members in the system and only like 110 go to church lol so there are a lot of less actives here. And that is only in our sector! But we have to start working a lot more with the less actives and then we will have more baptisms!

No we didn´t break the beds tossing them out the window lol. We had a couple people below that caught them as we handed it to them from the second floor. I probably got a good 10 new ties lol. They are actually really nice ties. They are skinny ties which I didn´t have a lot of before. I actually really like skinny ties. They look a lot better!

That´s awesome that you were able to confirm this Sunday!! Keep it up! Share the gospel with everyone!  Remember that no one can be saved, only through covenants like baptism! There are a lot of people that listen to the message of the gospel but only listening to the gospel won´t save them. It is those who take the steps to baptism! I´ve had to confirm quite a few people in my mission! It´s a really cool experience and it´s awesome that you were able to do so! Now your goal is to baptize someone!!

I have no clue... maybe my hair is getting lighter because of the sun. It could also be because I haven´t been using gel now. I don´t really like using gel now. I just put my hair up with water then just let it go pretty much. Maybe it could be that but I have no clue.

Well I´ve got to get going! Thanks for everything and for always keeping me updated with things! Love you guys a ton! Good luck in everything this week! Hope you have a great week!! I should have a pretty chill week I hope! Maybe some baptisms as well!

Elder Newkirk

Pics: Elder Howe and Elder Gali! I was in the MTC with them. They are from my group!

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