Tuesday, February 21, 2017

week# 60 - - soccer with members and investigators - transfers week - summer vacations


Just another normal week of just working hard!

Tuesday-Wednesday were just normal days of working. Tuesday we had our district meeting like always. It´s always interesting preparing classes to give to the district. There are a few tips and stuff in Preach my Gospel but one has to create classes out of nothing. I normally look at the numbers of the district for the week and see where we are lacking in things and make a class out of that to help the district so that we can baptize! This week coming up is the last week in February and also the last week of transfers so we will be working real hard this week! Always the last week is one of the most craziest especially with transfers this week as well! I should hopefully be getting some transfers this week!

Thursday was a day of baptism interviews that I had to do for the sister´s. I had to do two interviews that actually went pretty well. They both passed their interviews and hopefully will be baptized this week! The interviews took like all day and then right after interviews we had a soccer game set up with the youth and some investigators and we told the youth to bring their friends(which they didn´t do...). So then we shared a little message and played some soccer. As missionaries we have the rule when we play with members and investigators we can only play as goalie(which is kinda lame) but it was fun! We are going to be planning soccer games every week in the night to play with the members and investigators. Also so that the members can invite their friends to play so we can find new people to teach!

Then the weekend was just a lot of walking around haha. We are in the last couple weeks of summer vacations so everyone is taking advantage and leaving out on the weekends so there practically there isn´t anyone... Can´t wait for the school season to start back up and things will start to calm back down! It´s funny at first I thought that summer break would be awesome and that everyone would just be in their houses and would let us in because they wouldn´t have anything else to do but it is the completely opposite! Everyone here just leaves and are pretty busy during summer break. I thought as well that the members(especially the youth) would leave with us a lot more as well because they are in vacations but that didn´t really work out like I thought as well... Haha but I´m just glad that summer is finally coming to an end and finally things can get back into a normal schedule!

Yesterday at church we only had one investigator come to church.. All the others were either sleeping when we passed by to go look for them to go to church or they were traveling for vacations...

This week coming up should be a pretty crazy one like I said it being the last week of the month and also the last week of transfers! Today we have another appointment with Enriquez and Jenny, the couple that we have been working with since I got here who we also baptized their son Bastian. Enriquez is awesome and super ready, he even came to church with a white shirt and tie the last time he came to church. But Jenny is a little rebellious... They just need to get married but Jenny still has to change a few things. She also doesn´t really want to get married but I really hope that they do soon! Any tips on trying to convince someone to get married?? lol

Also this week on Wednesday I will be doing baptism interviews all day long. It is the day where all the leaders will be doing interviews for all the investigators that are ready to be baptized that have gone to church so I should have quite a few interviews all day Wednesday. The urgency week! Then on Friday we should know our transfers!

Sounds like you guys had a pretty good time down there in Vegas this weekend! And congrats Hailey for making it to World´s!!! That´s awesome! A ton of traveling it seems like! A lot of money as well haha! Also congrats on getting your licence as well! We have a crazy driver out there in Reno now!

Well my time has ran out like always... Hope that you guys have a great week and that you receive blessings! Love you!!!

Elder Newkirk

No hay fotos esta semana lo siento! (no photos this week, sorry!)

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