Monday, February 6, 2017

week #58 - Companion exchanges - finding many new investigators


Sounds like you guys had a great weekend there in Palm Springs for Hailey´s cheer competition! That would have been cool if they would have made it to worlds! I met a couple weeks ago a family who is also a cheer family. Their daughters also have gone to worlds in Florida so I was able to talk a little bit about cheer with them. They are actually investigators from the sister´s sector who have been going to church. So even here in Chile they have some teams and do some cheer! But that´s good that you guys had a great time! Hope that you guys have a safe trip home today in the snow!

My week was actually pretty great but also a pretty tiring week as well. We focused a lot this week in finding more people to start teaching and putting more baptism dates with people. What we normally do in the street is just start talking to people and start talking about the gospel of Jesus Christ with a pamphlet that we have. Like faith, repentance, baptism, etc. Then we explain a little bit about baptism and invite them if they would like to be baptized like Jesus. Normally the people here have been baptized in the catholic church(which don´t baptize for immersion and also baptize when they are babies). So normally just have to explain the way Jesus was baptized and that baptism is for the remission of sins and that when they are babies they didn´t have sins and normally people understand and want to be baptized for the remission of their sins. The people here in Chile are actually quite a believing people but they don´t really act. But this week we found 41 new people and put 30 batism dates with people so hopefully a couple of these people that we found this week will actually get baptized and weren´t just saying yes to us so that we left them alone lol.

But we had a companion exchange this Tuesday with the zone leaders and I went to the sector of the zone leaders with Elder Prada from Colombia. And Elder Lozano went to my sector and went crazy with talking with people and finding new people for us to teach so that´s why our numbers this week were pretty high but we also found a good number of these people this week.

Cielo is still going strong in the church! She is super awesome! Her family is supportive but they don´t go to church. Cielo goes to church with a couple of her friends that live in La Chimba close to her house. There are a lot of youth from La Chimba that are converts and all go to church together which is really cool and Cielo is now part of that group.

The mission does Capilla Abierta. There are a marriage missionaries in charge of doing Capilla Abierta and they do rotations throughout the mission every once in a while. And what they normally do is that the sister missionaries stay there in the church and do the tour and do a couple sessions and teach people a little about the church. Then 2 elders are in the baptism font room that are dressed in white and explain baptism. Then all the other missionaries are out in the street kinda close to the church inviting people to come in and participate and learn more about the church. You definitely get a lot new people to start teaching through Capilla Abierta!

Yeah I heard about the Superbowl today. A couple missionaries were talking about it in the zone activity that we did for P-day today. We played soccer and did a BBQ! It´s was fun as always! So we were talking a little about the Superbowl and what happened.

Still haven´t gotten my xmas gift that I bought. Patience haha.

Well that was pretty much my week this week just trying to find new people to start teaching. We didn´t have like any investigator in church yesterday as well with vacations going on. There weren´t a ton of people really willing to go to church yesterday even though they promised to come... It seems like laziness always wins... Or that always something comes up so that people can´t go to church... But we just have to keep working this week to get people to go to church and to keep finding new people to start teaching and start teaching more of the people that we found this week! We also have a couple conferences this week which should be good to learn from President and from our leaders! Other than that my week should just be pretty normal!

Well hope that you guys have a great week! Love you a ton!!

Elder Newkirk

Well I didn´t have any photos to send this week so I just took a selfie 

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