Monday, January 23, 2017

week #56 - Another busy week spreading the gospel!

Hey! Sounds like you guys just have had a week full of work and snow!

My week was pretty good. It has been blazing hot here this past week and they are saying that there is a giant wave of heat that´s going to pass through this week so that should be fun. The weather says 80´s but it is definitely a lot hotter than that because the sun is super super strong here in northern Chile. Even at night it´s pretty hot. I've just been sleeping in g´s and I still sweat at night. There have been a few nights where I have woke up just dying of heat lol. We need to ask for a fan from the office so that they can send us one. We have a couple ceiling fans downstairs but we don't have anything upstairs when we go to bed.

But this week has just been walking around in the sun. Like everyone here in Chile are on their summer vacations and have been traveling, going to the beach like every day, or just lazy and don't want to receive us. It has been pretty difficult thanks to vacations. Normally more people are home and with the family during breaks or vacations but here everyone is just go go go. Not a lot of people have a lot of time.

We tried pretty hard this week to try and find more people to teach and that are ready to receive the gospel and be baptized! But all the receptive people that we have been finding are missing something so that they can get baptized(mainly need to get married). But we just need to go forward with faith to find someone that the Lord is preparing because I know that he is! Right now we have to plant the seeds and find the people that are ready to be harvest! I love working in the Lord's vineyard but sometimes it get's hard but the mission is awesome! But it is a little hard for people to get progressing here in Chile because they aren't that good with keeping their promises. For example this weekend we found an old investigator that was listening to the missionaries before, that we invited to come to church. He said that there wouldn't be a problem and that he wanted to come to church and would be waiting for us to pass by in the morning to come and pick him up to go to church. So we passed by yesterday and he came out and told us that he was waiting for a friend to go to the beach for the day so he couldn't go to church...... So that's the main problem that we have is just with the people keeping their promises.

But this week we just have to go out there and work hard like normal to find more people that the Lord is preparing. Like you said there is a reason why I was sent here to spread this wonderful message about the gospel to the people here in Chile. One thing that I have learned a lot is that God sees us all the same and that there isn't anyone better in the sight of God. Everyone is exactly the same in the eyes of God. One concept that sometimes it is hard to have because everyone is here on this earth to learn and to grow and to make it back to their Heavenly Father someday!

No we haven´t been able to contact the girl that we passed by last week to go to church. She has been in the beach or been leaving to go to the beach or do something so we haven´t really been able to talk to her. I feel like she was just talking the talk and doesn´t really want to walk the walk.

Yeah La Portada is pretty cool. There isn´t a ton to do out there, just take pictures. We took a bus that heads out there. It´s like 30-45 mins away from our sector. But yeah that´s where they take all the new missionaries to take pics.

We have P-days until 7pm then we get out and start working again. President Hinckley said that there doesn´t exist a P-night.

Yeah I´m waiting for the gift to share with you guys what it is. So you´ll just have to wait!

Well I´m out of time this week to keep writing(even though I didn´t have really much else to say)... Love you guys a ton! Stay safe in the snow!!

Elder Newkirk

We went to TGI Friday´s today for P-day with a group of missionaries! I felt like I was back at home! It was pretty american there!
The sister missionaries of my district had baptisms this week! After I did the baptism interviews the grandma told me that she wanted that I baptized the girls so I was able to baptize this weekend lol! The benefit of having sister missionaries in your district!

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