Monday, January 2, 2017

week #53 Happy New Years!

Happy New Year´s!!

Well our new years went pretty well. Don´t worry I´m pretty sure that you guys had a better one than I did haha. But actually some members invited us to their house new years eve to a bbq which was pretty cool. There was a ton of meat, a ton... But we had to be in the house at 9 if a member didn´t invite us to their house but gladly a member invited us! So we had permission until 10:30. We went back to the house and just hung out pretty much because the neighbor´s were having a huge party next door and the music was pretty much shaking our house. Let´s just say that I didn´t get a ton of sleep that night... But it was good we were actually able to see a few fireworks from the window of our house as well. But yeah not a ton happened.

This week was a pretty slow week there wasn´t a lot of people willing to listen with all the parties and stuff going on. A lot of people told us that after the holidays we could pass by or call them. The people here just like to party so it was pretty interesting. A lot of just walking around this week.

We didn´t have a baptism this week either. We are actually pretty dry with investigatores right now. There aren´t a ton. We have to start to find more people and just talk to everyone in the street. But yeah the work here has definitely been quite slow but this week should be a lot better. Church this Sunday we made a list with a lot of members that are going to leave with us this week and we are almost booked like all week to leave with members which should be really good.

Speaking of church there wasn´t like anyone in church this Sunday with it being new years and at 10am... haha. It was even hard for us to get up and get going on Sunday because we didn´t sleep a ton haha. The attendance was like 48 people when there are normally 80-120 members so there weren´t a lot of people. But we did have a couple investigators in church. Enriquez and Jenny came to church again with their kids and Bastian that got baptized Christmas. They are really cool and awesome! But it sucks that they aren´t married.... But everyone else was just sleeping or the people that were awake were the people parting all night and we still awake and super drunk. We had a ton of drunks like all day New Years shouting at us lol. But we are the only ward in our building so we just have the same time at 10am.

Everything´s going good with Elder Robles. He´s a little lazy and I have to put some batteries in with him sometimes but everything going good. We just need to work a little bit harder and smarter. But things are going fine.

That´s good that you guys made it home nice and safe! Sounds like you had a pretty chill New Year´s as well!

That´s sad to hear that Uncle Fred passed away. Grandma was telling me that his health wasn´t doing so good. Prayers will be sent to Aunt Marilynne!

Trust me be thankful for the snow! I miss the cold and snow!! I´m dying here with the heat.....

Well hope that you guys have a great week! Love you!!

Elder Newkirk

Spider that I killed on the wall. I told you they were decent sized!

New Year´s Eve dinner!

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