Tuesday, January 17, 2017

week #55 - Visit to La Portada - continue working

Hey! ¿como están? Espero que hayan tenido un gran semana!

Well everything´s still going good for me! I´m still with my comp Elder Robles for another transfer here but it´s all good just got to get out there and work!

This week we actually had a pretty great week! We found a few new people to start working with this week. We found 10 new investigators to start working with this week. There are a couple of them who are actually really good and should progress quite well with our visits. So we should hopefully have some baptisms coming up soon! This week we found a couple, Jose and Isel, who are really awesome. They came to church this Sunday as well. But like the majority of the problems here in Chile is that they aren´t married... Like usual.. They´re great! Let´s just hope that they´ll get married! We also found a couple more people who accepted a date to get baptized but they didn´t come to church this Sunday so that slowed down there progress just a little bit. That´s probably one of the hardest things that we have to deal with is bring investigators to church on Sunday´s because a majority of the people are used to not going to church and doing other things on Sunday like going to the beach or just sleeping. So it usually takes a little so that people come to church. As well with the new converts. That´s why President has been talking a lot about the importance of the Atonement and the Sacrament and how us as missionaries need to teach these things better so the people can understand how important it is to go to church on Sunday.

Well... The splits this week didn´t really work out like we planned them to. Either we couldn´t go the split because something came up or the members couldn´t because of work or something that came up as well... I had to do quite the interviews for the sisters this week so I had to go to their sectors to do baptismal interviews which took a little of our time to work. Also this week I should be having some more interviews to do! Well the sisters in my district are definitely working! haha.

Actually we did splits with a couple YM sunday morning to go and get some investigators to bring them to church. There was a chick that we started to talk to in the street Saturday night who we invited to church and said yes and that we could pass by in the morning to go to church together. So I passed by with Nicolas, Bishop´s son, to bring her to church. We passed by and knocked on the door. Then like 3 people came to the door that wasn´t her... 3 of her family members came out and they were all sleeping... They got pretty mad at us haha. But Christina, the chick that we talked to, was sleeping with her baby. Whelp she didn´t come to church and now I´m pretty sure the family is a little mad at us...

They called a new ward mission leader but we still don´t know who it is yet.. Next Sunday they´ll announce it! But this ward is full of returned missionaries so it should be someone who knows what they´re doing so it should be good!

Yeah Elder Villegas is going home this week. He´ll be home tomorrow! It was pretty funny, he called me Sunday afternoon with a phone from the mission office and we talked for a little. He´s a great guy and we laughed quite a bit! I was making fun of him because he´s dying and going home. He was there waiting to have the last interview with President and told me "it´s time to confess all my sins" haha. He´s great and told me that he´ll email me when he´s home so we should stay in contact!

I put out a couple rat poison to kill it because my comp said that he saw a rat running around and we had some poison in the house so I put some out. But I really wasn´t expecting to find a dead rat in the morning on the floor haha. Speak of the devil another cat pooped on our porch again and when we were coming home at night I couldn´t see and I stepped right on it and tracked it inside so the house smelled pretty bad for a little bit... Stupid cats...

It´s definitely fun to get out there and play some bball. And actually today for P-Day we left out with a member and went to La Portada. That giant rock in the middle of the ocean. It was actually pretty cool and we had some fun out there with him. We had to do a little walking to get there but it was fun! His name is Luis, he´s 22, and preparing to leave out on a mission this year. He has also been leaving with us to visit people. He also tagged me on Facebook with a photo as well. But he´s fun! We also went out and ate at Subway for lunch today. Oh how great is Subway. It´s been quite a while since I´ve had Subway. The Subway here is like in a super rich part of Antofa and we hardly go there but we thought that we would hit up Subway today for lunch. It was a good choice. There isn´t a ton of fast food here like there is in the states like McDonalds and Subway and stuff. There are a lot of people that sell things like completos and hamburgers and stuff like that but not like fast food fast food.

Yeah I took out some money because I got a card from Grandma and Grandpa Oldroyd that they were going to give me 50 bucks in my account so I took out some money. But I bought something that should be pretty cool that should get here by next month so you´ll just have to wait and see! I bought it through a member and they are shipping it to their house.

Well hope that you guys have a great week and a good week snowboarding! Sounds like there´s a lot of snow! Hopefully there´s a ton next year as well!😉 Have a great lazy day as well without work! Love ya guys a ton!

Elder Newkirk

Reminder about family scripture study Mom!😘

Pics:La Portada that we went to today and Subway!

The Zone La Portada!!

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