Monday, September 5, 2016

week #36 -- baptism of Yerack was good!

Hola, como esta? Voy a escribir esta párrafo solamente en español. Entonces espero que ustedes pueden entender. Bueno este semana fue super genial! Recibí un paquete por mi cumpleaños! Tuvimos la actividad Viernes! Yerack se bautizo Sábado! Presidente Ferreira estuvo aquí en Tal-Tal para los reuniones ayer. Y también hoy día tenemos la entrevista de Williams y Ismael para su bautismo el aproximo semana!  Este semana fue super bakan! También ahora estamos en el ultimo semana de cambios! Aproximo semana vamos a tener algunos cambios aquí en Tal-Tal. Pero hay mucho milagros aquí en la obra del Señor!

Well hopefully Google Translate will be able to help you guys out a little bit with that paragraph. 

This week was actually really good! On Thursday I got my birthday package from Grandma and Grandpa Oldroyd! They sent me a Boise State T-shirt and a game called bowling dice game (I took a selfie of the stuff). They also sent me some treats but they´re already gone... haha. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

Then on Friday we had our minute to win it activity in the church. It actually went really well and we had a lot of fun even though like no one showed up. We had about 10 people there including us. There was a lot of other activities going on around Tal-Tal Friday that we didn´t know about so not a lot of people showed up. But it was actually a lot of fun with the small amount of people that we had! 

Saturday, Yerack got baptized! He picked our papito, Presidente Lemos the second counselor in the branch, to baptize him. All of his family showed up and everything went really well! I was also able to give a talk in his baptism about the gift of the holy ghost and the importance that it has in our life. It is really important to stay worthy to be able to always have the spirit to be with us. It is key in our life if we want to progress more along this path so that we can make it back to live with our Father in Heaven. Then on Sunday he was actually able to receive the priesthood and is now a priest! I´m hoping that once he had a little more experience in the church that he´ll make the decision to be a missionary, because he is 18. But yeah I´ll send some pics of the baptism.

Also yesterday our mision president was here for the church meetings and was here to see Yerack get confirmed and receive the priesthood. Also Yerack´s father showed up to see Yerack get the priesthood which was really awesome! . There are 6 in the family and 3 of the 6 are now baptized. The 2 little kids and the father. The kids want to get baptized but their father wants them to grow up more to make the decision to be baptized. President and his wife were talking to the family a lot and sharing their testimonies with them. So hopefully that might help out the family progress more! 

Today we also have the baptism interviews for Williams and Ismael for their baptism next week which should be awesome and should go well! I´m excited for their baptism as well!

So overall a pretty good week for me!

Sounds like you guys had a pretty good week as well. Wish I could go to the rib cook off in Reno and have some ribs haha.  But that´s lame that you can´t get the motorcycle registered yet, hope that you can get that all good to go soon. Sounds like it´s a pretty lengthy process!

Here the weather has been really weird. During the days, when there is sun, it get a little warm out. But at nights and in the mornings it has been pretty cold. It has just been changing a ton and a lot of people have been getting sick. I haven´t gotten sick yet but the rest of the missionaries here have been sick throughout these past weeks. Everyone´s good now though and I think most of the sickness has past, didn´t get sick! Probably just jinxed myself. But I really just want it to either be hot or be cold. Not change all the time. 

We are also in the last week of transfers. On Saturday they will be calling us to tell us our transfers. This transfer has gone by really fast! This is Elder Phillips last week in the mision as well! So we should be getting changes in both of the companionships this week which should be interesting! 

We haven´t been doing too much on our P-days because there really isn´t a lot to do here in Tal-Tal and there really isn´t a lot of time to do a lot. We usually come to write then we go and buy food for the week then eat lunch. After that we have a few hours to just sit around, watch movies, play ping pong, or just do whatever we want. 

Well love and miss you guys a lot! Hope that you have a good week!

Elder Newkirk

President Lemos, Yerack and his family

Elder Newkirk, President Lemos, Yerack, Elder Fernandez

Here is the pic of the things that Grandma and Grandpa sent me for my birthday! Sorry for the pic as well, I took it this morning when I just woke up so I was still a little tired...

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