Monday, September 26, 2016

week #39 special transfer this last week

Special Transfer!! 

Well this week we got a special transfer(which hardly happens). Elder Fernandez left to Copiapo and I stayed here in Tal-Tal as the District Leader! I got a new comp as well. His name is Elder Pineda. Him and Elder Fernandez changed places. Elder Pineda had some problems with his comp so they changed him here. Elder Pineda is from Chile, Santiago. He´s actually a really nice guy and we have been working alright together. He teaches really well and is a good missionary. He has only been a member of the church now for like 2 years, for the time that he has in the church he is great. The only thing is that he´s just a little different, so it will be an interesting transfer!  He has a little bit more time than I do in the mission, he has one transfer more than I do. So we got put together as co-comps.

Now I have a lot of responsibility here haha. District Leader, Seminary teacher, 1st counselor in Elders Quorum(don´t remember how to spell), gospel principles teacher, full time missionary. Well I definitely have been learning quite a lot.. haha 

Well that was pretty much it this week. Elder Fernandez and I got a call on Wednesday at like 2 pm that we had a special transfer. So then pretty much all day we were just saying goodbyes for him. Then the rest of the week I was just working with my new comp. On Monday Elder Pineda rolled his ankle playing soccer so he hasn´t really been able to walk fast or walk a lot so this week has just been really chill for the most part. Just visiting a few people.

We actually have an investigator that has been progressing a lot. Her name is Ivette and has been coming to church with one of her friends. She is 15 and is awesome. She has been coming to church, seminary, and the activities. She has been liking the church and this week accepted a date to get baptized on the 15th of October. We still have to work out some process and ask permission from the mission president because she is under 18. Also we have met her parents. They are really nice and are supporting their daughter in the church. So I think that we´ll be able to get permission and everything!

Yeah last weekend was a lot of fun with the Holiday here. Glad that you liked the photos of Elder Jaramillo and I racing haha. The salsa was pretty hot, but normally here people don´t eat things that are hot like at all. Dad I´m in Chile not in Mexico, they eat a lot differently here than chips and salsa. When you think of the food here just think of rice and of chicken....... (dad's note: haha I know it's not Mexico.... I just had to ask if they ate chips and salsa's like they do here in the states)

Hmm with the gringos we usually just speak English for the most part. We speak Spanish if we are in a coversation with a latino. Idk, it´s kinda just like a mix of Spanish and a mix of English.....

So with our planning we do a weekly planning and a daily planning. The weekly planning we think of the investigators and what they need and we put goals for the week coming up. Then we have daily planning every night to plan for the next day to help us accomplish the goals that we put for the week. So that´s how planning goes here in the mission.

Hope you guys have a great week. You´re always in my prayers! Love you!!

Elder Newkirk

Activity from last week

Activity from last week

Activity from last week

Activity from last week

Goodbye photo with Elder Fernandez and the Becerra Family

Funny pic of Elder Abalos and Elder Jaramillo on the bikes of the papito´s kids.

Goodbye photo with Elder Fernandez and the Becerra Family

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