Monday, July 25, 2016

week #30 -- 6.2 earthquake while writing today! New investigators as well.


This week went by super fast and it feels like I was just writing the other day, oh wait I practically did. But everything's going well this week! 

I got to see a lot of the photos from Craig´s wedding this last weekend. Looks like you guys had a great time down there!

This last week has been super crazy with all this travelling and everything. And then tomorrow guess what we have to do again... Travel. Tomorrow we have to travel down to ChaƱeral again to have an intercambio with the zone leaders. But I actually don´t mind all this traveling that we´ve been doing, a nice break for a few hours haha. It has also been a lot of fun to see other areas of the mission and to get to know other places. Also it has been awesome meeting the new mission president as well.

About the Disney movies.. We still haven´t gotten the list of movies yet. I´m feeling that it will just be like older classic Disney movies, because if it was just Disney then we could watch Marvel and Star Wars and all that haha. But I´m feeling that the list will come in a few weeks. Probably after transfers this next week. And speaking of transfers this is the last week of this transfer and on Saturday we´ll be getting a call if my comp leaves or not. Not going to lie I hope we get transfers....

The rules for playing soccer have now changed. We can now just play soccer with members and investigators and there doesn´t need to be sisters there. We actually played this morning with some youth and some members which was pretty fun. We have to play a little carefully though so we don´t end up breaking anything but playing soccer has been a lot of fun!

Elder Gali is from St.George. But it was great seeing him again!

I think that tomorrow I´ll have the opportunity to charge my camera. If I remember correctly I think one of the zone leaders have the same camera charger so I´ll try and use that tomorrow so that I can finally have my camera again. But I still haven´t been able to find my charger. I thought that I brought it with me to Taltal haha.

Sweet, when I get the money in my account just let me know and I can try and take some out. There is a little that I want to buy down here. I want to get a backpack for when we are traveling and I also want to buy some nice sunglasses. 

Also here in Taltal we are in the process of moving houses. The house that we are living in, the owner wants to do some changes and stuff to the house. So that means that we have to move and the President wants all the 4 missionaries to move into a new house together. This week we actually found a house in the middle of the two sectors that is actually really good. So we´ll probably be moving houses and everything pretty soon. Maybe with the move I´ll actually be able to find my charger...

Here in Taltal we have a part member family that we are working with. A few of them are active members and one of them got baptized pretty recently, Carlitos is like 15 years old. The mom and the grandma are also active members. There are also two kids in this family that attend like every Sunday and go to all the activities that still aren´t baptized and this Sunday one of them said that they wanted to get baptized. So I´m pretty sure that we´ll have a baptism soon.

Also this week we met a new person. We have visited this house before because the mom of this girl is a member less active. But we passed by one day this week with a member so that we could enter and we taught her. We taught here about The Restoration of the church and afterwards she said that she knew it was true, which was pretty sweet. We put a baptism date for her on August 13th. She only needs to attend church! She has promised a few times but never has gone yet, but I feel like she´ll be there this next Sunday!

The members down here are great, when they´re here. There are a lot of members here that work out of town and do a lot of traveling. A lot of people here travel like all the time. Especially when they´re on vacations, like they are now. There isn´t like anything to do here so everyone just leaves to other places. Like this Sunday there were only 38 people there and I had to give another talk during sacrament. I´ll probably have some good practice giving talks here. But the members here are great and willing to work with the missionaries and leave to visit people as well. I really like this branch more than my ward in Antofagasta. But the ward that I was in, in Antofa was the smallest out of them all. 

If you really want me to share in spanish I definitely could. But it´s all good, I don´t want to make you guys have to use google translate and not understand anything because google translate is super lame and usually doesn´t work haha. But if I really wanted to I could write all my emails in spanish. As for now my spanish is pretty good, there is still a lot that I need to work on. But for now I can understand a majority of what people are saying and I can say what I want to say and don´t usually have to think about it. Also my thoughts and everything are in spanish. But it really isn´t hard at all to convert to english when I write to you guys every week. 

WOW, there is an earthquake going on right now while I´m writing this. It´s pretty stong haha. This is the second time that I´ve felt an earthquake here in Taltal. It went on for a good amount of time but everythings good, it finished. Maybe it was just God calling everyone to repentance here or something.

(editors note by Jason -- I looked it up and it was a 6.2 earthquake not far from Tal Tal, about 43 miles deep -- Doesnt sound like it was too bad, no tsunami! Whew!)

Well after that experience hope you guys have a great week and that I don´t get taken by a Tsunami. Thank you guys for everything! Love you!!

Elder Newkirk

Sorry for no photos this week... Still don´t have my camera.

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