Wednesday, July 20, 2016

week #29 busy week - Meeting the new mission President

Haha no your Google translate was good. I understood, don´t worry! But yeah I had a pretty crazy but fun week this last week! Pretty crazy because I´m writing today on a Wednesday! 

So this week we had a ton of different travels and a lot of our plans changed a few times. At first we thought that we were going to Copiapo Sunday and be there Monday for interviews with the new president. But that changed to Saturday. So we traveled to Copiapo on Friday to be there on Saturday. Then on Saturday we had a little conference with the new president to get to know him and his family. We were there with the zones of Copiapo, Vallenar, and our zone. So a total of 4 zones(because there are 2 zones in Copiapo). I got to see an Elder from my group(Elder Gali) in the MTC that´s in Vallenar that I haven´t seen since we got split up and he sent me the photo so I have one to send haha. Still haven´t found my charger, but I think there are other missionaries with the same charger so I´ll be asking around to see if I can try and charge my camera with someone elses charger.

Well continuing with what happened this week is that the president had his interviews with the zones from vallenar and copiapo there in copiapo and changed our interviews for this Monday in Chañeral. So after the small get to know the president and stuff we left and went back to Taltal. Then after church on Sunday we practically left in the afternoon again to travel to Chañeral to be there Monday for interviews. And then after that we asked the President if we could change our bus tickets to the next day so on Tuesday as a zone we could play soccer together and he approved it. So we stayed there another night and on Tuesday in the morning played soccer as a zone and had a BBQ. Then at like 5pm we left. But we had a problem in Chañeral to write so we got permission to write today. So that is why I´m writing today. We just got home to Taltal last night. So this week was pretty crazy and just practically traveling.

Also somethings really awesome is that we got permission here in Taltal to play soccer with the members. Since we are so far away as a zone he gave us permission to do so. All the other zones in the mission also can play with members but they need to have future investigators or investigators to play. But it is super awesome. Also he will be giving us permission to watch Disney movies! His wife said that she´ll be sending a list of movies that we are allowed to watch! They are making some awesome changes haha! The new president and his wife are really awesome! I really like them a lot. And he is only like 47 years old. 

Yeah last week when we went fishing we had to walk out there. It was like a 30 min walk. My shoes are all good for now. I honestly have no clue if they have my size here or not. But usually the thing here is that everyone is smaller. So they usually don´t have a ton of things in my size haha. But I think I should be able to find some if I need some, but for now everything is good with my shoes. 

Also the new mission president has a blog for the mission that has some more pictures around the mission and as well as some pictures of me with a ton of other missionaries and stuff. But here is the link.

Well I don´t really have any time to write anymore this week with everything that happened haha. But everything is going good here in Taltal! I´ll answer your question about the members here in taltal on Monday when I write again!

Hope you guys have a great week!!! Love you guys!

Elder Newkirk

Elder Newkirk y Elder Gali

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