Monday, July 11, 2016

week #28 -- Going fishing in Taltal

Hola! ¿Como estamos?

Well everything's going as usual, good! Just a normal week this week. Not a ton happened. But today in the morning we went fishing with our papito and the other missionaries. We left at 5 am this morning to walk outside of taltal to get to this fishing spot. It was actually a lot of fun. We ended up getting 3 fishes in total. I didn´t catch anything but I was close to getting a few but they kept getting away from me. We went fishing with just bait, fishing line, and a hook. I´ll send in some pictures that another Elder sent to me. My camera´s battery died and I can´t find my charger. I´m going to try to search more this week to be able to find it.

The zone training was good! The zone training was just as normal but we did get a new rule for the mission! The rule is that we can play soccer now. But... only as a zone between the missionaries and in our companionships. And while we play we need the sisters to play and only the sister´s can make the goals. But the plan is that eventually we can just play soccer normally with anyone. But for now the new president is just changing things poco a poco so that we can play. But Chañeral is like 2 hours away in the bus and when we go down there we go down the day before and spend the night there with out zone leaders. Our zone leaders are Elder Phillips(who I think is the Elder who we were reading his blog before I left to Chile) and Elder Aballos.  

Also from the zone training I recieved my birthday package already haha. I haven´t opened it yet don´t worry. I´m waiting until it is actually my birthday. But at least I have it ready for my birthday! It got here really fast! I really just think that it depends.

No I haven´t heard anything really about the NBA at all. There isn´t like anyone here that watches or that can keep me updated.. But that´s some crazy news that Kevin Durant is now with the Warriors. Their team is now just loaded with good players. Also sounds like there have been a lot of changes around the NBA. Should make things a lot more interesting! Wish I could watch the next season... 

Definitely super busy here with the branch but it is really good. I have learned a lot just in the short amount of time that I´ve been here. Like this Sunday I gave a talk in sacrament because the person planned to talk didn´t show up and I gave the gospel principles class. We have to have a talk prepared every week just in case. So it is a lot of work but it is really good. Also this week we are going to start doing English classes for the people here which should be fun as well!

Definitely have been and will be praying for Grandma Newkirk. But that´s good that you were able to give her a blessing!

Sounds like you guys have also been really busy with everything. A lot of traveling after traveling. It doesn´t seem to stop or be slowing down any time soon! But sounds like fun! 

Also that sucks that Dylan got in a crash but for the least he only broke his arm. 

Yeah Taltal´s been a little chilly. Sometimes during the day it gets a little hot but in the nights and in the mornings it is chilly. We are in the middle of winter down here. Should start to change in like a few more months and start to just be super hot all the time again. 

Sounds like fun to go downtown and watch Karate Kid. Not going to lie I would do anything just to see a movie that isn´t from the church haha. That is one thing that I definitely miss is the technology. Video games, music and movies! But I know that I´m not here in Chile to do things of the world even though I do miss them haha. 

Sorry not a lot happened this week but remember next week I´ll be traveling to Copiapo and my Pday will be next Tuesday so that is when I´ll write to you guys again! 

Love you guys a ton! Hope you have a great week!!!

Elder Newkirk

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