Monday, April 18, 2016

week #16 -- Getting over being sick the past few days

Hola! ¿que tal?

I actually haven´t felt any earthquakes in my time here in Chile. People have said, "Oh, did you feel the earthquake yesterday?" but I haven´t felt anything yet.. 

Vanesa is doing great and attended church this sunday with us. I don´t know how long she plans on staying here in Antofagasta but if she is here for like another month she will be baptized 100%. But so far everythings going great!

I´m not sure how Hermana Malva is doing but I do know that there is a sickness going around because my companion and I have it too. It started yesterday for me during church. I threw up like 3 times at church. Yesterday wasn´t all that fun. And my companion started the sickness last night. I´m actually doing a lot better and I think I´m practically at the end of the sickness. Just need to get some energy back and get some food in me. But my companion is still pretty sick. I think it was probably just something that we ate, but who knows here in Chile right?

Thanks for sending the package to me, hopefully I´ll be getting it soon! We´ll have to time how long it takes for me to get the package haha.

With you comment on the Restoration, "Joseph Smith claimed he seen Heavenly Father and Jesus. Not many can claim that so boldly as he did. Probably why many people dont think he did what he did." It´s true, but God knew that people wouldn´t believe in some kid that had this vision so that is why he showed to him the Book of Mormon. All the evidence is in the Book of Mormon, everything about the Church is all weighted on the Book of Mormon. All someone needs to do is read it and pray about it and they know that everything about the Church and the Restoration of the gospel is true. Like you said the gospel is perfect but people aren´t. We have to have a testimony in the gospel not in the people, if we only had a testimony in the members we would fall away from the church in a heartbeat. 

Sounds like the competition in Stockton was pretty lame. But hey they got first in everything right? Haha, yeah it sounds like this competition was pretty lame and that not a lot of teams went to it. But good luck in Florida at the end of this month! 

Wow, crazy what happened in the with the whole stake change, that´s a pretty big change! You´ll have to keep me updated on what happens to the bishopric and everything. But that´s awesome that President Farr in the stake president of the new stake and that Bishop Steimle is second counselor!

Otherwise everything is going great, other than getting sick. This week we contacted a lot of future investigators and we are also working with a lot of less actives. With the ward, the focus right now is in reactivation because there are a lot of less actives in the area. Usually the attendance every Sunday is around 50 but in the records there is about 300-350 members in the sector. So that leaves a lot of work to be done. With the list of less actives we have been able to contact a few of them and also their families, which a lot of them aren´t members. There is a lot of work to be done in this ward!

Also yesterday I had to give my first talk in Spanish. They chose me, my companion, and the mission leader to give talks. My talk was on baptisms for the dead and it actually went really well even though I was pretty sick. People actually said that they could understand what I was saying too, I don´t know if they were just saying that to be nice but yeah haha.  

This P-day has been really lame because we have been sick, just laying around all day. Our Mamita is awesome though, she made us stuff to help with us being sick and everything. The only thing that we will be doing today is emailing. After this just go back to the house and rest so that hopefully we´ll be good to go for tomorrow! Definitely hasn´t been fun but hey everythings all good! 

Hope all you guys have a great week! Love and miss you guys a lot!!

Elder Newkirk

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