Monday, April 11, 2016

week #15 -- Golden investigators


Everything once again is going great. A lot of walking this week but always we get to talk with a lot of different people. A lot of people don´t really like to listen to the gospel. But we always meet great people every single week. This week we came in contact with an old investigator who we thought moved to Tocopilla. But she is still living here in Antofagasta for another 2 months and wants to be baptized here! A lot of her family is LDS but she has troubles at home with her husband so she is moving to Tocopilla to live with her family who is LDS. But she is super awesome and already had a testimony before we taught anything. Definitely a golden investigator.

Hopefully everything goes well with the job hunt. (Editors note -- Some may read this and wonder what is going on but it's nothing right now  -j) But wherever the Lord wants you, that´s where you´ll be. I have learned that a lot in the mission. As missionaries you are constantly changing locations and constantly running into new people. The Lord knows everything and knows where we need to be to the exact second. It´s funny how the Lord will put someone in front of you that you´ve been wanting to contact or run into someone who needs your help. It is happened so much in the mission it is crazy. I know without a doubt that the Lord has us in locations that we need to be.

Hmmmm in my studies. Well I started to read the Bible a lot this week. A lot of people here have a lot of knowledge about the Bible and I have never read through the Bible in its entirety. So yeah that is what I have been doing. This morning I was reading the story about Lot´s wife and how she turned into salt. This story is actually really short but you can learn a lot from it. So Lot was visited by holy messengers who told him that Sodom and Gomorrah was going to be destroyed and to leave to the mountain with his family and told them not to look back. Well Lot´s wife turned around and looked back and when she did this she turned into salt. Sometimes in life things look good just to try a little but it is actually just a huge trap that will lead us to be like Lot´s wife... Dead (spiritually). There are also a lot more that we can learn from this story. I have also been studying lesson 1 about the restoration everyday like I have said. Always learn something more everyday from studying lesson 1. I thought that I was going to be really bored of studying lesson 1 every single day but it has actually been really good. 

Can´t wait to see the photo book!

Love you guys a lot! Thanks for everything! Hope you guys have an amazing week!

Elder Newkirk

A new shirt that our zone made for all the missionaries in the zone. This doesn´t happen like at all in the mission but yeah it´s sweet! 

An old picture of me and Elder Villegas with Hermana Malva´s sons. (Well Matias isn´t her son, he is her nephew but he lives with them)

 Matias(left), Elder Villegas, Nico, Me

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